Apr 3, 2012

I've Got Dreams Baby

Big dreams when it comes to fancying up my throne (if you will).  Hey, big dreams, small dreams .... they all matter don't they?

That's what I thought.  Of course they do.

Look, lets be honest. My above toilet area is less than stellar right now. Besides for that beautiful jewelry tree given to me by my bestie, which definitely needs a new home, things are looking pretty bleak.   

Our home is a newer home.  When building it, we tried to make as much of it 'uniquely us' as possible. But now, after a few years of living in it, I'm starting to realize that our home could really use some TLC.  There are a lot of spaces that have been left as-is.

Speaking of as-is: Ikea.  I used to hate going into the as-is section.  Ryan always wanted to peruse the goods, but not me....nooooo.  I was annoyed and overwhelmed by the disorganization and chaos of it all. So, he'd go as-is to his heart's content while I got in line and tried not to buy every little item they stash along the sides while you wait. But now, especially since I've discovered a new found love for garage sales, thrifting and the like.... as-is is my zone, man.  Can't get enough of that mad house.

"Let the other customers struggle with their self control as they wait in line! I've got sneaky deals to find in as-is!" - is usually the braveheart-esque, internal monologue I've got going on when as-ising.

I should say here, that once again, Ryan was way ahead of the curve. My curve that is. But I'm catching up.  Slowly but surely, I am :)

Anyway, back to my throne.  It's sad. So, I intend to make it happy! 

The idea I'm going with is over the toilet shelving mainly.  Here are some pics that are serving as my inspiration for this project. 

I love the idea of baskets, mason jars, candles and some personal art filling up this space.  I'm looking for a mix of function and just flat-out pretty decor. I spend a lot of time in this bathroom. It's where my soaker tub is after all.  

I'm a girl.  And I want it to be pretty. 

Commence project Potty Prettification.


  1. The jewelry tree looks so pretty with all your gorgeous baubles hanging off it! I'm looking forward to the big reveal on this project. =)

    1. Thanks friend! I love that lil tree :)

  2. I just love your blog! I stumbled upon it and it caught my eye because we have the same name :) I love your taste girl. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Hi Carly!

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind words! Happy to know I've got a name twin out there reading along ;)

      xo Carli


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