Apr 12, 2012

Mouse Down

Someone, who shall remain nameless, is pretty pleased with himself.

One of the things this feline is known around here for, is mouse huntin'. If the mice are real, then great.  I'm very pleased.  The thing is, I have yet to see a live or recently deceased mouse around our home...so, fingers crossed, he either eats them all or .... unfortunately for him, there are none.  

Now, the mice I'm sure we have around here, are of the artificial, play toy variety.  

And one of them just recently bit the dust. 

Memphis vs. Lil Wiry.

Memphis 1 - Lil Wiry 0. 

It was a sad day for Lil Wiry, but a happy one for Memphis.  Being an indoor cat, he's got to get his kicks in where he can.  I'm happy to see he's keep his predatory drive strong. I mean, you never know when that will come in handy.  

Still in the line-up, imminently awaiting their demise, are the following cast of characters.  

Mangey: A small, cotton (?) fluffball that once resembled a mouse. He's been pretty beat up, and chances are, he'll be the next one to go. 

I should note that his name was originally Whitey (See: Twin brother Brownie below), but as his life has run it's course, he's inherited one of those descriptor nicknames you sometimes hear in the movies. Except this one isn't ironic, like Tiny, when really, Tiny is a super huge dude. Mangey is called Mangey because he's Mangey. Period.

Brownie: Brownie is Mangey's twin, but that's about where the similarities stop. As you can see, Brownie's kept his  physique in rather fine form over the past few months, as compared to his less fortunate brother. He's the quickest and wiliest of the play toy mouses, and so far, that skill set has served him well.  

Posh: Posh is named so for her impeccable physique and because of her upper crust pedigree. You see, Posh was purchased by my Mom at Crate & Barrel as a Christmas gift for Memphis. Ya, he's spoiled. And ya, Posh is, well, super posh. If she could even get any more ostentatious, you'll be happy to know, she's filled with organic cat nip. How's that for high maintenance? And, to her credit, she's managed to evade a fate similar to Lil Wiry thus far. Turns out there's a little brains mixed in with this beauty.  

And that's the cast of characters as it stands in Memphis' world. Lil Wirey has bit the dust while a few others continue to fight the good fight. 

In the meantime, Memphis is resting up. The guy's pooped.


  1. Cats are cute. =)
    Followed. If you would like, then maybe you'll visit me someday.

  2. lol, cute cat! :)




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