Apr 9, 2012

This Past Week(stagram)

This is last week, as illustrated through my Instagram feed. 

I like to start my morning, every morning, with a cup of joe.  But not just any joe. No. A fancy joe.  Well, not fancy per se, but tasty. O yes. Tasty. Kicking Horse is my java of choice these days.  And, as you'll see later in the post, Kicking Horse is not only where I started my week, but where I finished it as well.  

While out and about working one day last week, I snapped this pic from the edge of the city.  Sometimes, I can't even believe how beautiful this city/province is! Sure, we suffer through our fair share of drab and dreary, grey winter days.  But then, out of nowhere, an awe-inspiring, crisp blue winter day comes along and steals your breath away.  

These mountains have a way of rendering me speechless.  And that, my friend, is difficult to do ;)

While running errands, I stopped and grabbed a Mucho Burrito. Yum. I think I even told it to get in my belly. An Austin Powers moment, alone with myself. 

On the way out of Ikea the other day I snagged a copy of the most recent catalogue and, while shaking it above my head, exclaimed aloud "Yay! Bathtub reading!". My poor mother. And anyone for that matter, who finds themselves in public situations with me in which I have no filter.  It was my mother on this occasion.  She handles it so well.  Embraces it even :)

Anyway, later that evening, I did indeed spend some quality time with that catalogue.  It was as good as it always is. 

I woke up the next morning to this persnickety face. Surly doesn't begin to describe him here. But its close.  

The clouds were cartoony that day. So cartoony I snapped a pic. Sometimes the sky is so strange. And vast. And awesome.

Later that day, while working, I came across this scene. Honestly, he sleeps like a human. Its unnerving at times.  But, mostly cute.  This was most definitely cute.

I welcomed spring into my life this week. Not with the weather, but with this sunny handbag. It's actually much tinier than the pic lets on. Almost the size of an iPad.  It was a sweet gift that has cheered me up to no end!

Later in the week I had the BEST coffee with my little sister.  She's 8 years younger than me and its only over the last few years that we've really started to connect not only as sisters, but as true friends.  She's brilliantly smart and insightful beyond her age.  She's also equally as weird as me, and when we're together and goofing around, we get lost in our own little world. Sure the people sitting around us in Starbucks might not understand, but in our little world, we've got it goin' on ;)

Here we are saying goodbye. It was just after this photo was taken that we skipped to the car shrieking way too loudly, 'let's go sit in the car and update our Instagram feeds!!!'.  Yes, it was as lame as it sounds.  Lame. Amazing. Nerdy. Hilarious. Whatever it was, I loved it. 

That night I went out for dinner with some lady friends. Shame on me, I have no photos to share. I'm still getting the hang of this 'document everything everywhere' thing. I'll get there though. I will. 

Anyway, the next day, after my brother posted a facebook status update about crushing a bag of mini eggs, I was forced to go purchase a bag and consume it immediately. First a photo of my brother so you know who I'm talking about. This was taken about two weeks ago.

Anyway, after he whet my whistle for a little Easter indulgence, I had no choice but to partake. Here's the evidence of carnage that ensued only moments before. Its empty btw. Major loss of self control. The entire situation happened in about 1.547 minutes. 

On Saturday, Ryan and I found ourselves road tripping our way to Golden, B.C. Home of, you guessed it, Kicking Horse Coffee Roasters. It is so cool, to me, that such a wicked coffee is roasted so close to where we live. I should have snapped a pic of the factory but my phone had died by that point.  

Ryan's friend from his volleyball days in university lives in Golden and was getting married. So, we set out to go celebrate their nuptials. The wedding was 1920's themed and ended up being a really sweet event. I have a more detailed post to follow in the coming days. 

Once again. Those mountains. Speechless. 

Here's Ryan and I, trekking across Alberta and into B.C. Road tripping is always fun. It doesn't matter the destination really. There's just something really sweet about being stuck in a car with one another for an extended period of time. Being married to a 'strong and silent' type, I feel like road trips are one of the best ways we get to reconnect. I always forget this as we're getting ready to leave for one, and I'm always acutely aware of it once we've returned :)

We got back on Sunday evening and were greeted by the most forlorn looking cat.  Memphis knows how to play with my heartstrings, and this 'I'm so sad I'm going to sit on the windowsill and sulk' situation got me real good. Sly little guy.  In return for this behavior, he was cuddled to within an inch of his life. 

And, there you have it.  My week as illustrated by Instagram.

P.S. My Instagram is carlib5 if anyone wants to follow along :)


  1. Nothing quite compares to some sister time. I can totally relate, my sister and I are totally in our own world. Even my husband feels like a third wheel around us!

    1. Hi Carly,

      Isn't it great when your family members are also some of your closest friends! Blessed :)

      xo Carli


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