May 11, 2012

A Night at the Range

Last night, Ryan and I decided to hit the range. He's been out a few times this year, but I was still in winter hibernation mode. No golf for this lady. Not yet.

Until last night. 

Let's just preface this post by saying that I am an amateur. Ryan's spent a lot more time golfing in his life than I. And he definitely has the skills to prove it. Particularly when compared to someone as fine a golfer as yours truly. Hopefully you're picking up on that sarcasm. 

Anyway, regardless of our individual skill sets, it was such a beautiful night that we couldn't pass up going to the range. The sun was shining and the sky was bright, and relatively clear. The air, however, was definitely cold, and the wind wasn't getting any gentler. But, we figured we'd brave the somewhat frosty conditions anyhow.

Being the gentleman he is, Ryan carried everything in. As I snapped this pick he said, 'taking a picture of the pack mule?' haha. Funny and true. Because yes. I was.

Such a gentleman. Always quick to do the heavy work. Seriously. Always. Love this guy.

Anyway, luckily we were smart and started the whole golfing extravaganza with a trip to our local watering hole. Wait. Coffeeing hole. Is coffeeing a word?

Whatever. You get the point. It was cold and we needed warmth. Enter starbucks.

The range is actually situated quite beautifully. The one we go to is off of a major road, but once you exit into the parking lot and walk through the grounds to the range, you find yourself on this beautiful driving range overlooking the city. It really is quite picturesque. Save for the power lines. Just delete those in your mind ok?

Thankfully my first time out wasn't too bad. I, of course, had my fair share of missed swings and poor little baby swings. You know...the ones where you feel like you contacted decently well, only to look down and see the poor little ball skitter past your feet a few meters from the tee. Ya, those ones. I'm no stranger to those kinds of driving range experiences. And last night was no exception.

I did, fortunately, also have a few swank shots throughout the night. A couple of them even went decently far and decently straight = win for Carli. In celebration I broke out my most creepy, awkward thumbs up stance. 

Awkward right? So, then I tried my 'yay!' face. 'Yay for a decent shot! Yay!'

But still awkward, so then I just tried to smile normally. And it's here that I think a 'Yay!' is actually in order. 'Yay for Carli finally smiling normally in a photo for once! Yay!'

It was at this point that my fingers started to freeze. Yes, the wind was that cold. So I retired the ol' golf swing in favor of some photography practice. While my fingers may have been freezing, I still had one gloved hand to hold my starbucks cup and another with a still, albeit barely, functioning index finger that could push a trigger button.

Towards the end of the night, just before I curled into the fetal position and laid myself down on the grass to conserve my warmth and energy, I set my photog sights on this guy.

Not a bad subject if you ask me ;)

Unlike my shots, his tend to go quite far. Way to go babe :)

And, in the interest of keeping things real, I would like to leave you with this all-too-real photo of one of my shots last night.

Yes, that's my ball. Roughly 4.637 feet from the tee box. Like I said...amateur ;)


  1. Still have fond memories of golfing with you in Invermere...and by golfing I mean searching for my ball in the rough. But when it comes to golf, if it's not rough it isn't fun.

    And that's all I have to say about that.


    1. That Invermere trip was so fun! Best camping trip ever :)

  2. Haha your too funny Carli! Looks like it was a pretty decent night! :)

  3. I love going to the driving range! I don't hit very far or well but it's still fun :)

  4. The view really is beautiful. That last pic is too funny. I've never played golf and can only imagine how bad I would be.

    xo erica


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