May 7, 2012

A Photo Shoot Saga

Getting a decent photo of the two of us isn't always the easiest thing. It take a few shots to get close to what I'd like to call a 'framable'. You know, something you'd feel good about putting up on your wall. 

A typical photo shoot saga in this household goes a little something like this. 

Carli: "Ryan, we're in Phoenix! Its warm, and it's December. The dirt here is RED. There are cacti a-plenty. Let's document!"
Ryan: "One second...I'm juuuuust gonna finish up this wicked streak I've got going on Bike Baron"

Carli: "Ok, let's try again. Now, I'm going to smile although I know I'm going to look slightly pensive in this photo because I feel like you're still finishing up your game."
Ryan: "If you felt that way, you'd be right."

Carli: "Ok, now that your phone is put away, lets try again. O and don't do anything weird in the background, ok? While ordinarily I enjoy your quirkiness, it doesn't always make for the best photos. And, you do have a habit of photo-bombing."
Ryan: "Don't worry, I won't"

Carli:"Aaaaand, ya did. So, lets try again, shall we?"
Ryan: "Sure babe"

Carli: "Well, we still got treated to a mini photo-bomb by way of the infamous peace sign. No worries though. The rest turned out great. A little cropping and we'll have a winner."

And, so comes to a close, another photo shoot saga.

The result? A 'framable'.



  1. This made me smile.
    And I desperately needed to smile.

    1. Aw friend. So happy it made you smile. Sad that it's been a tough week though. Sending lots of love and hugs your way. Love you!

      xo Carli

  2. Carli, you are so gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Amy! You are too sweet :) Hugs!

  3. What a cute post! Lovely blog lady! xo

  4. haha, this is just a cute and funny post! The photo cropping works and I have to say you have some awesome photo skills when it comes to taking them on your own!!!

  5. hehe this post made me smile. You two are funny and one beautiful couple!


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