Jun 28, 2012

Love Note

To this guy, and in particular, his thoughfulness...

Sometimes I mistakenly think that thoughtfulness and the act of giving are synonymous with free time and resources. But when I think that way, I need only look at this guy, and realize that thoughtfulness and the ability to give flow abundantly in each one of us. It's just a matter of whether we act on what we already know we have to give.

I think back to when we were students and money wasn't all that abundant. Never once did that affect this guy's ability to give and care. Now that we're both working, and we have a few more comforts than we used to, his thoughtfulness remains steady. Unchanged and unaffected. Because he knows, regardless of how busy his schedule might get, or whether money is abundant or somewhat scarce, he's gonna give. And he does. Constantly. Unwaveringly. And that is why this week, and all weeks really, he deserves a love note.

Ryan, I feel privileged to be the one you think about daily.

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