Apr 15, 2013

a few days late with this one, but worth writing nonetheless

national sibling day was a couple days ago. I know this because my instagram and blogosphere were blowing up with love notes and shout outs between siblings all the good day long. it was beautiful. and while I'm not usually one to celebrate every random holiday that pops up on my calendar, this one struck a chord. so, even though we're a few days late, we're going to get our sibling celebration on right about now. join me, won't you?

my parents must be some kind of perfect because the kids they brought into this world? my siblings? they couldn't have done better if they tried. my brothers and sister are three of the most unique, insightful, charismatic, adventurous, loving, authentic and intriguing people I know. honestly, if they weren't my siblings I'm sure we would have all ended up best friends in another life. because I just can't imagine an existence, related or otherwise, where these three people weren't an essential and vital part of why my life is such a joy. they help make up the backbone of who I am. they love me and hold me up when I am weary, they cheer me on and celebrate when I am strong, but above all they actively, selflessly and lovingly encourage me to be a better me. always, without fail. they are invested in my growth, security, belonging and contentment and I in theirs.

how i love them so. 

Lagore kidlets, you three and the relationships we share make me look forward to having kids of my own one day. to know the four of us and what we have...well...I just hope with all my heart my future babies feel as blessed by their siblings as I've been by you three. 

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