Apr 10, 2013

A Photo Shoot Saga: Carli & Lincoln on a sunny day...

As I've said a time or two before, we're not the most photogenic folk. At least not on the first try. For this reason, my iphone and camera are often chalk full of millions of multiples. you know the exercise. point and click a million times as you stand in one place while changing your facial expressions ever so slightly hoping for at least one good pic. it's kind of our jam around here. i like to think of it as insurance against coming home from a photo worthy experience and not having a single useable picture. because that's just the worst.

on the plus side, the unusables often tell quite the story. and, because I usually have a picture worth using out of the bunch, I'm better able to look back on the saga that got us there and have a laugh or two at my own expense.

without further ado, Carli and Lincoln on a sunny day...

The scenic backdrop we were attempted to document. 

Outtake #1: Couldn't resist trying to catch a candid of the beautiful weather and backdrop we were enjoying one day last week. Figured the best way to do so was to grab Lincoln's face to make sure we were both in the shot. because tactics like that always work with dogs don't you know. look at his shocked face! and that ear? please. 

I believe it was at this point I remained unaware that the hat and glasses deemed necessary by the cool temperatures and sunny skies, translated terribly together in photos. hello slightly sinister, canine-face-grabbing carli. how are you this fine day?

Outtake #2: Get distracted while taking pictures (even though it's my own right hand that continues to take them) and decide that now would be an appropriate time to try to convince Lincoln to come in for a kiss. first of all, let it be said here and now, I have become one of those people who kisses their dog occasionally. sometimes in public. it's not like I mean to, or even really think about it when I do it. I just find myself doing it, or worse, end up photographing myself doing it. and that one's really the worst. the amount of stuff going on in the above photo that I am both voluntarily and involuntarily doing...well, it's mildly disturbing. in my defence though, can you blame me for being incapable of resisting hat grisly, bearded puppy face?

Outtake #3: Finally get my game face on by taking my sunglasses off. Crucial step towards a successful photo on this sunny day. and while my head and neck may be craned like a proud little peacock, I could live with that. It's Lincoln's funny little old man face looking at me like I'm the milk to his oreos. or the peanut butter to his kong, if you will. It's his smitten little face that makes me hesitate in choosing this pic as our winner. he's giving me so much while my response reads somewhat lacklustre. I will however, forever treasure his look of love and adoration in this pic. because when I'm getting after him for digging yet another epic hole in our backyard, this isn't exactly the face he gives me. #ifyaknowwhatimean

Finally, my friends, we arrive at our winner. I'm smiling semi-comfortably in this pic, maybe even borderline smug? almost like i knew we might have our winner provided lincoln wasn't doing something completely random outside my peripheral. and, upon scrolling though all our outtakes, I am happy to report that all is well. no randomness! smug smirk justified! we've got a little slack in the leash, lincoln's full right side profile, a little river, grass and sunshine. the beginnings of a decent photo. but most importantly, those sinister and previously offending aviators are resting responsibly on the bench, well out of camera shot. o yes. we have a winner indeed. 


  1. These photos are so fun! You guys have a cute little dog! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  2. You look so sweet in that hat!


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