May 3, 2013

this morning smelled like rain!

and it was glorious! we took a speedy walk along wet (!!) paved paths. our sniffers were assaulted by the smell of rain, and soil and spring i tell you. spring. so, to celebrate we came home and inspected the back yard and all it's sleepy trees and shrubs. it's seems they've decided to come out of their slumber with little baby buds dotting all their twiggy branches. 

celebra-ate! oo - ooooo!!

to be of help, lincoln jumped up on the retaining wall looking all cute in that sad puppy kind of way. like he does. these pictures crack me up! he looks so little and so young. hard to believe he's over a hundred pounds already. just a big baby in a big puppy body, you know?

we are so excited for warmer weather finally making it's arrival. this rainy morning has certainly put a spring in our step! hope you're enjoying warm weather of your own, too! :)

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