Sep 10, 2013

thoughts on moving, labour day & other things

Packing continues around here. September 30th (the possession date) looms. Work and life. It's all still happening. Just in the midst of piles of boxes and a house that feels half ours and half not ours. If that makes sense? I've never sold a home before you know? Like I've relinquished the keys to a university rental, eager to move into a new home. But I've never wrapped up a chapter of my life in a home of five years. A home that's sheltered us through so many ups and downs. Walls that have witnessed personal struggle and triumph, happy times and so-so times. It's just a house I realize, and still its a little tough to say goodbye. I think it's more difficult than I expected, because we aren't immediately moving in to our new home. We have several months ahead of us that will be an ...... adventure, lets say ;) We're going to be hopping around a bit, staying in some rather unconventional spaces. Finding a rental for 4 months with a cat and dog in the most saturated rental market in Calgary's history has proven challenging. So, we're getting creative! And while I know the next 4 months will be an adventure we're going to love and one we'll never forget, not knowing what to expect has me gripping on to what days I have left in this home a little tighter than I expected. That said, as long as I have that man up there to hold on to, I'm certain wherever we land will feel like home. 

On that note, the above pic is us just before the Cochrane Labour Day parade got going last Monday. We're not typically the parade going type but there we were just a soakin' it all in. That was a fun day, I must say. We helped hand out balloons with Ryan's work in the morning and walked Lincoln around as the crowds collected (he was so good with all the chaos that comes with walking along a crowded parade route - I was so proud of him for handling it all so well!). After that we watched a bit of the parade before heading over to our new lot where we explored the pathway being completed along the river. After that, we went home for a quick refresh before heading into town to watch the Stamps beat Edmonton in the Labour Day Classic. My mom joined us for the day and it was lovely. 

I guess its comforting to remember that no matter how unusual or tumultuous our normal may become during this transition, we always have one another, lots of loved ones who enrich our lives, a roof over our heads, food for our bellies and a lovely new home to look forward to. Essentially there's nothing to complain about and just a whole lot to be thankful for. As for any momentary discomfort that surfaces as we transition, I hope I'm able to graciously and intentionally savour the learning and growing experiences those instances are intended to be. 


  1. I find myself getting pretty emotional when I move out of a rental I lived in for less than 6 months--I can't imagine the emotions that come with wrapping up a chapter of life like you two are! You are doing it with much grace and much perspective. Yes, it is just a house. But also, it's the end of a season and deserves an affectionate good-bye. Thinking of you two as you stare into the face of the unknown for the next few months-an adventure indeed! Can't wait to read about it in your oh-so captivating writing.

    1. 'an affectionate goodbye'...sigh. talk about a way with have it my friend :)


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