Oct 8, 2013

mornings, lately.

I've been watching for the sunrise lately, as it gets later and later in the morning before daylight savings comes into effect. The park we've been enjoying, aka our backyard at the moment, doesn't have any path lights. So until I see the sun start to warm up the sky, I stay back in the RV, have breakfast and get started with my workday. 

As soon as our surroundings begin to reveal themselves by suggestions of sunlight on the horizon, we're out the door and walking. This morning, we lingered along the river as the sky caught fire to start another day. The above picture is a simple panoramic I took with my iPhone a few hours ago. No edits necessary. Just the mighty river and a fiery sky waking up from the night with unparalleled beauty. Oh how we're loving mornings, lately. 

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