Oct 10, 2013

a slight hiccup in our otherwise glamourous RV adventure so far

So the above picture of Lincoln's most supreme bedhead might not, at first, seem like it has much to do with this story. The bedhead part, no. The lincoln part? yes. And that swanky, faux fireplace slash space heater? Its involved too. I'll elaborate.

As we settled in to bed on our fourth night in the RV, all was well. We had just finished watching a movie. Well, more like Ryan watched the movie and I conveniently passed out around half way through (as I'm known to do).  Anyway, as per usual, Ryan wakes me up and we head to bed. We pass out. like, OUT. Something about the RV... it has magical sleeping powers. 

Fast forward to 1 a.m. I wake up and my nose is frrrrrozen! like the kind of frozen nose you get when you wake up while camping and realize that your skimpy sleeping bag and tent aren't sheltering you from the elements as well as you thought they would. But wait! I said. I'm not camping. I'm RV'ing. I have walls and a duvet. I've got a little mini fireplace, an espresso machine and a real furnace with a thermostat for goodness sakes!

so then,  why does my nose feel like I'm camping?

As is my nature, instead of sleuthing out the situation on my own, I poke Ryan to see if (a) he's awake and (b) he still has his nose. At this point, judging by my own, his could have very likely fallen off. Good news! He still has his nose but OH is it cold. So we both throw on a couple more layers and pad down into the living room to see what's going on. It is FR.EEZING. We check the furnace but turning it up only blows cold air into the RV. Ryan reads the manuals for the RV but nothing he tries does anything to warm our mini, mobile home. 

Super sleepy and half frozen, I ask Ryan if he's seen the space heater I packed for just such an occasion. He replies that he thinks he packed it into our storage unit (1). Shucks. That leaves us with one option...

...the faux fireplace slash space heater I'd been enjoying from time to time as added warmth when needed. We cranked it up but quickly realized it wasn't going to heat the entire RV... and certainly not our bedroom so far away. Upon realizing this, we did what any sleep deprived, temporarily homeless, glamping, married, single woflhound family would do. We laid some extra blankets down on the floor, right beside the fireplace. We lugged our duvet and pillows out of our bedroom and made a little makeshift bed on the floor (2). We spooned with all our might but still, were shivering. It was then that bedhead mcgee up there took matters into his own hands. I kid you not, Lincoln and all 7 ft of him when stretched out, started circling as dogs are known to do. He was padding out a bed on our bed! By the time he landed he had become the big spoon of our spooning trifecta. He was hugging ryan and ryan was hugging me. and it was good. we were finally warm.

(1) It would later turn out that we had indeed packed the space heater in the RV. Ryan went to grab his hair product the next morning and lo and behold... the space heater, tucked neatly in a random bathroom closet. go figure.
(2) Our nearly-29 and fully-29 years old were totally showing the next morning when we both struggled walking properly thanks to a half nights sleep on hard ground. we're not 15 anymore, that's for sure. although if we were 15, we wouldn't be glamping in the first place, come to think of it. so in that case, I'll take 29, achy and glamping please :)

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