Oct 11, 2013

state of the campground address

Here at our riverside campground, Fall is in full swing. The leaves are putting on an unusually festive show considering we live in Alberta and Autumn around here is always a teensy bit lacklustre compared to our coastal counterparts. What a welcome and pleasant surprise, trees of the campground! Thanks for working extra hard this year on your juicy colours and staying power. The wind has been gusting, this I know because my current home is on wheels. Yet somehow your leaves still cling. Its a campground miracle! 

As for day to day life, I feel we've assimilated into the neighbourhood fairly well. You see RV'ing, it turns out, is a lifestyle; a lifestyle where each campground has an existing culture which must be respected. For instance, the gates to the grounds close at 11 pm. Meaning get back before 11 pm or park far away and find your RV in the pitch black of night. BUT. Sometimes, there's another option. And this next part is insider intel I wouldn't have known if I hadn't spoken with the young girl who works the reception desk. If, for any reason, the gates remain open past 11 p.m. simply turn your headlights off and creep through the campground at a crawl so as not to wake the senior tenants who prefer no noise or light disruptions that late at night. Also (and this is a direct side note to any Carli's out there) don't complete the aforementioned feat with impressive first-timer precision and then bonk your horn as you swing your purse from your passenger seat over your shoulder while exiting your vehicle. DEFINITELY don't do that. 

Another cultural norm at the campground...wave to the groundskeepers. Every time you see the groundskeepers. Even if you feel like you see them an unreasonable amount of times each day because the campground is rather small. Always wave. They like to wave. RV groundskeeping is a lifestyle for them. Get in on it. Be a part of the magic. You'll be so glad you did. 

And in closing, there are some people who live in this park year round. They are like the elders of the community. They've been here the longest. They've seen the most. Wizened old sages, they are. If you have a moment, bend their ears. Engage them in conversation and relish their storytelling. Except Frank. He's the one with the permanent steps attached to his RV and the impeccably kept flower pots lining his 'property'. We've found, through failed attempts at passing waves and smiles, that he likes to keep to himself. But all the rest? Have at 'em. They're real social :)


  1. Such beautiful Fall photos! I miss the seasons down here in Florida!
    xo TJ

  2. that is really interesting about "RV culture", I never would have guessed! what gorgeous fall colors, you captured them so perfectly. you have such a beautiful blog, girl! excited to get to know you better. have a good day!


  3. These Fall photos are so sweet.


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