Nov 26, 2013

cone free and we're not looking back!

well except for maybe when lincoln gets neutered. in which case, we will definitely be looking back. *_* but for now, we are cone free and loving it! 

Lincoln was officially free of his cone last Friday! O joyous day. On Friday I took him to the vet to get the remainder of his stitches removed. That was when we received the all clear from the vet that the cone could go. His wound has healed really well and besides for his little hairless patch, he's 100% back to normal. Great news!

I'm sure poor Lincoln had begun to wonder if his life had taken a sudden turn for the worst, being sequestered at home for two weeks, shackled in his cone. But I couldn't have guessed how much I was going to miss him being healthy and our daily walks! I love heading out to our park, watching the sunrise, walking along the river and looking over at what will eventually be our new community. I love clearing my head first thing in the morning. And I love my time spent with our pup. 

Happy things have returned to normal (in some ways :) and we can get back to our daily routine. We missed it! 

1 comment:

  1. Excited Lincoln is getting back to normal! I love those dog walks too, a great way to get some exercise and clear your head


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