Nov 5, 2013

our first winter walk

On the right side of the above pic you can see our future community. They were shingling today when I walked by.

It seems I have officially misplaced slash lost my battery charger for my DSLR. Boo. Especially considering I just bought another - if I may say, supremely overpriced - charger before our trip to New York this summer. I remember when we were packing up our home saying to myself…'self, make sure you put that charger somewhere verrrrry safe and verrrrrry obvious.' BUT somewhere between our last home, the RV and now the cabin 'tis lost. So! I am now taking all photos with my iPhone until I willingly abstain from Starbucks for 17 days to pay for a new charger ;)

Knowing now, that I only have my iPhone to take photos please join me in drooling over the sunrise Lincoln and I caught this morning. O ma werd. Breathtaking. And take my breath it did! Friends, it was -17!!! Like my body, let alone my mind, is no where near ready for that kind of cold. I'll be the first to admit we turned around halfway through our walk. It seems my winter hardiness has a little hardy-ing yet to do. 

I keep wondering, since we moved here, when we're going to witness an average sunrise. Because as far as I can tell, Cochrane is unusually talented in that department. And a little something else I've learned recently? Catching the sunrise is food for this girl's soul. 


  1. Gorgeous pictures Carli!

    1. Thanks friend! It was the most stunning sunrise and horror frost I've ever seen! Love pretty winter mornings :)

  2. okay, incredible. i keep tihnking i love living in california and don't miss snow at home, but these pictures are making me re-think that. stunning!! XO

    the well-traveled wife


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