Mar 18, 2014

our weekend

Our weekend was a good one. Ryan had Saturday off as well as his usual Sunday, oh sweet happy day.  The elusive two day weekend is a rarity, so Lincoln and I were sure to lap up our time with Ryan like the fools in love we are ;) 

We continued to unpack odds and ends around the house, had dinner with the family one night, enjoyed our gustiest walk yet on the ridge near our place and crushed the first season of Downton Abbey. O my gracious. I can't believe we're so late to this party! I mean I've heard other people talking about it from time to time, but never thought it was something we'd enjoy. Lets just say we've learned the error of our ways and made up for it, as we've been known to do, with a episode marathon of epic proportions this past Sunday. 

Hoping you had a great weekend and that your week is off to a great start! Happy Tuesday friends!

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