Jul 24, 2015

our life lately // vol. 10

Hello my little journal! Let me blow the dust off these keys so we can catch up a little. It's been too long!

May and nearly all of June we're a couple of challenging months to be sure. I'm not typically one to wish time would pass faster but those two months challenged my feelings about that. Navy came down with a rare collection of viruses and a terrible viral rash that though painful, was thankfully benign. It took us a while to see the right doctor who was able to finally diagnose her and calm our very frazzled nerves. Those two weeks of waiting and referrals and misdiagnosis were awful, I can honestly say. My first experience watching Navy suffer was more emotional than I could have prepared for. But instead of reliving the stressful moments which I'm so thankful are behind us, I'm finding it to be more edifying to reflect on what I've learned instead.

Most importantly, I learned that holding my breath through experiences like that does me no good. And in the beginning, that's what I was doing. We were furiously searching for answers, trying to make sure our little girl was getting the care she needed. And that was honourable and the right thing to do for sure. Other things in life pale in importance when the health or safety of a loved one is threatened. But holding my breath (literally and figuratively) waiting for this storm to pass, for Navy to be back to her usual self only added to the tension of the situation. I wanted the whole ordeal to just be behind us and for real life to resume so I could forget it and how scary it was.

But as I knew then even though it was hard to practice, and I very much know now, life is meant to be lived in each moment. It doesn't mean that every moment is easy. Far from it. But interspersed in those scary seven weeks, were beautiful moments. Every single day, there was beauty to be enjoyed if I was willing to see it. And tomorrow is never guaranteed. So regardless of hard a day might feel, I'm going to do my very best to see the good in it wherever I can. Once I started being mindful of my attitude in this regard, I found the weeks she continued to fight the viruses a lot more bearable. I also found my vision cleared and I was able to more assertively and confidently take action when I had too. My worry was replaced with gratitude for the good things and resolve to do something proactive about the challenging things. And that shift in countenance felt very good.

In early July we took a super quick trip to Vegas for the TPT Convention for my mom and my educational resource business. What a blast! We were there two days and it was a complete whirlwind. Ryan was papa on duty, ducking back to the Venetian convention centre at lunch time so I could nurse Navy in between sessions. It was the cutest. They had some serious quality time together (some shopping, sightseeing and even a solid day at the UFC Fan Expo haha :) and my mom and I left thoroughly inspired and motivated by the speakers and sessions we attended. 

We got back from Vegas absolutely exhausted in that 'soooo worth it' kind of way. Navy was amazing on the plane again, thankfully. So grateful for every flight she manages to take in stride. She's such a flexible and easy going baby. But even with a cool little cucumber of a gal, travelling with a little one in tow is certainly more work than when it was just the two of us. But we keep finding it to be totally worth it. Ryan and I were just chatting about this the other day … the adventure outweighs the inconveniences and challenges. So in that spirit, I hope we do our best to say yes to adventure whenever possible of the course of our lives. It's worth it. It really is. 

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