Nov 22, 2015

motherhood // Navy at 10 months

For my birthday, Ryan gave me the sweetest Casablanca themed birthday card and you better believe it's a music card at that (btw I turned 31 at the beginning of November ... let the record state). Anyway, as I read the card the sound clip had Navy dancing up a storm and that got me thinking about how we could use a little more classic music in our lives. So ever since, we've been listening to classic jazz throughout the day. Navy loves to jig to it and I find myself calmed by it. Our days unfold to it's lilting rhythm. Most of the time, it's slow and easy listening. But every now and then an especially snappy symbol catches her attention and gets her going with her baby bop. It's the sweetest seeing what beats do and do not trigger her to dance involuntarily. For me, it's the kind of crooning that makes me nostalgic for an era I never knew but imagine I would have liked very much indeed.

We've definitely felt blessed over these past many months together to be surrounded by friends and family, with no shortage of social gatherings and dog walks to fill our days. The trick instead, lately, has been to intentionally carve out a slow day at home here and there. I'm learning that as much as I love being out on adventures with my little sweetie, I love the slow days at home just as much. In between cleaning the house, folding the laundry and the like it's just a pleasure watching Navy learn and grow in our space. Moving forward I'm aiming for more balance in this regard. A few more days at home, taking things slower and finding the time to be more still seems to be doing both of us a world of good.

Birthday cards around the house always make me smile. AND!! Navy's first Halloween Card from Uncle Chad and & Auntie Karly in Vancouver. They are just the sweetest ♡
Meal planning more and more as little lady begins to eat what we are eating. Saves so much time and decision making each day!
The stroller is officially decked out in it's cold weather gear. We've been spoiled with amazing weather up until now, so we're ok with winter finally arriving. So grateful for this stroller and how well it stands up to our (sometimes overly ambitious and very frequent) Lincoln walks, in addition to everyday life use. 
Can't say enough about our sweet big boy and what a tender heart he has towards Navy. She now crawls over to his bed and offers him the discards of her meals! The first time she did it I just about cried. Two totally squished banana pieces in each little fist as she crawled over, determined to give him a treat. I could hardly handle watching that unfold  ♡
Soooooo excited about her little walker!

Navy at 10 Months

Navy you are a total character! Each day it seems like your personality grows even larger. Your coy sense of humour has really started to reveal itself. The way you raise your little eyebrows or turn your smiling little face and squishy baby cheeks into your into your shoulder when you know you're doing something all just cracks us up so much. It seems you even understand comedic pause these days, the way you regard both your dad and I laughing at something you've done before doing it again for another laugh. 

You're pulling yourself up on everything, eager to see the world around you from a higher vantage point when possible. You loooooove Lincoln and want to share everything with him or play on him whenever possible. You listen to me very well when I encourage you to pet Lincoln gently and to be respectful around him. He is so gentle with you in return. You're forging a beautiful friendship and it's my privilege to watch it unfold. 

Your babbling is getting more and more defined with sounds and even some words! You have now said dada and mama in context when your dad and I have walked into the room. And our hearts just burst at the sound!! No better feeling in the world!

You are quick to smile, to giggle, to play, to explore, to hug and to adventure. You are so patient on our long days of social gatherings, errands and long Lincoln walks. You seem to really love being out, seeing our friends and playing with their kids. Even on rare occasions, when we are out way past your bedtime, you surprise us with how well you manage it and remain pleasant and playful even though we know you must be very tired. 

We cherish every ounce of you, sweet girl. So grateful I get to be your mama ♡

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