Feb 10, 2016

motherhood // Navy at 1 Year

Our sweet little girl is already 1! It's hard to believe we've already enjoyed one year with her in our lives. Harder to believe that she turned one 2 months ago (!!) and I am just now finding a moment to write about this sweet milestone. Life has been busy, but good, and we are grateful. 

I was so emotional leading up to Navy's first birthday. Something about closing a chapter and moving on from infancy and into baby/toddlerhood had me feeling so conflicted. That push and pull of emotions I've felt since the day I gave birth, it was strong approaching her birthday. Feeling simultaneously proud of all she's learned and how spectacularly she's grown while deeply missing her former dependance and brand-newness. I imagine that will be one of the greatest weights I'll ever carry as a mother and I'm sure it will be with me as long as I am alive. But it's also the most incredible gift. Being able to feel this deeply. To feel both ends of the spectrum fully, at the very same time. It is a beautiful reminder that I am alive, that I am living my purpose and that I am immeasurably blessed to love this wholeheartedly.

The day Navy was born, I was reborn a mother. I emerged from her birth a woman rewired and there hasn't been a moment of this first year with her that I haven't loved my new role fiercely. Of course, there have been challenges, learning curves, worries and moments of concern about how well I'm doing. And I know those hurdles are necessary obstacles along a journey that has shaped me and will continue to. I'm just so grateful that this past year, even during moments of difficulty, my peace and contentment towards motherhood has remained constant. And that might just be one of the sweetest things I'll remember from my first year with this special little girl. 


Navy you are such an energetic little girl, walking with encouragement from me or daddy and crawling as fast as your little arms and legs will allow the rest of the time. You have one little tooth and the tiiiiiiiiniest skiff of hair, which we just love. You're as ready to smile as ever, happy and laughing most of the time. You like days out and on the road just as much as quiet days at home. You're a lot like mama and daddy in that way it seems. You're a flexible baby and have been since day one. If you're crying or irritable, it's because you're teething or getting sick...otherwise, you're happy as can be. It honestly surprises us when you are upset because its just so rare. We're so grateful for your sweet disposition. 

While I cook or clean up the kitchen, you empty every kitchen cupboard and play in the pantry happily. It's the sweetest little surprise when I go to get something after you've gone to bed and find one of your little toys stashed underneath the dishcloths. You're a little pro at playing independently these days. But you also love to find your favourite books in the toy box, walk them over to me, crawl up on my lap and cuddle in for some reading time. It's the sweetest and I love that in between so much activity and running around, you still like to come over to me to connect for a little bit. 

You loooooove Lincoln and say 'puppy'! every time you see him. And on that note, you have quite the little vocabulary these days. So far, you say mama, dada, puppy, baby, doggie, numnum (food), nana (banana), bunny (your favourite stuffed animal who you fall asleep holding every night) and donny (for your little electronic donkey named donny haha). 

You're a spicy little girl and you know what you want. We often say you live life with gusto, and it's true! :) I never want to forget what a happy, truly content, energetic, determined, caring, independent and sweet, sweet little girl you were at 1 year old. Love you forever baby girl. 

Poor little lady came down with Roseola during her birthday. So the big party was cancelled and a small little celebration was had at home with mama, dada and Lincoln followed by lots and lots of rest until she got better ♡

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