Oct 30, 2016

♥︎ Willa Paige ♥︎ October 24, 2016

It's been nearly a week since our sweet little Willa Paige was born and I can still hardly believe that she is here! It has truly been the most wonderful week, getting to know our new little girl and watching Navy embrace her entry into our family so graciously.

On the morning I went into labour, Navy came down with a terrible cold. The worst one she's ever had. And unfortunately, she's been fighting it all week. While it's awful to see your child sick, and especially during such a big transitional time for her, I never want to forget that she was sick this week. Because despite her own obvious discomfort, she has welcomed little Willa with open arms and an enthusiasm we could only have dreamt of. With her croaky little lost voice and in between painful coughing fits, she's a constant chatter of 'baby wawa napping!', 'aw baby Wawa's crying', 'baby Wawa drinks milk from mama', 'baby Wawa's so tiny mama!' and the greatest.... 'me hold baby Wawa?'....it's honestly heartbreaking in the cutest of ways.

Navy's always been a bit of an old soul and routinely surprises Ryan and I with her ability to put her thoughts together in sentences or relay a deeper understanding of a situation than we expect for her age. So, we had hoped she would take to this transition rather well and definitely tried to talk to her a lot about it while I was pregnant in preparation. I'm just so grateful that it seems like that preparation and a mix of her sweet personality is making for a smooth transition this week. I know it won't always go this smoothly, so I'm just relishing in how lovely this week has been and savouring this sweet transition.

Baby Willa is doing so well! This past week she and I have both hit our recovery milestones on schedule and I'm feeling remarkably well post birth. Wondering if it has something to do with this being my second time around in addition to a great birth. And on that note, Willa's birth was amazing!! So similar to Navy's even though our life and location has changed so much in between my two girls' births. I'm writing her birth story now, and finishing Navy's at the same time. It's been on my heart for so long to write about my birth experiences and now feels like the perfect time to chronicle them both in one place.

Finally, I just can't say enough about how incredible Ryan has been with everything. He's always so supportive, but around my pregnancy, the births and the recovery that follows he just takes things to a different level. This time around he's on primary toddler entertainment duty with Navy ;) in addition to taking care of me and the home. As is his nature, he's done it all in his quiet, calm way and with a graciousness that is synonymous with his character.

I know the hormones are definitely a'flowin right now, but I am just totally overwhelmed with gratitude. This family of mine is the greatest blessing and I just feel so fortunate to be married to Ryan and mama to these two precious girls. Life is truly so good ♥︎

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