Jul 24, 2017

A Day Downtown in the Sunshine

We got hit by an unexpected summer cold late last week which escalated to a scary croup situation with Navy early Friday morning. Thankfully the cold air en route to the hospital helped her breathing tremendously and as quickly as it all came on, the laboured breathing & stridor ceased. We were able to avoid a trip to the hospital in the end but rest was still very much needed. So we rested for several days but on Sunday, while not totally well yet, we found ourselves craving some time out of the house (but hoped to do so in a way that wouldn't have us sharing our germs with others ;). So thanks to some inspiration from Nanny recently, we drove into the city, parked downtown and decided to enjoy some sunshine along Stephen Avenue Walk. 

The day was gorgeous, the scenery a welcome metropolitan change from what we've become accustomed to this past year and as kismet would have it, we even stumbled upon a lively festival that captivated Navy for a solid hour. She soaked in the sights, sounds and smells of the bustling big city downtown as did we all. The day was slow, simple and perfect. 

Simultaneously, it made me miss some parts of my former life in the city while also opening my eyes to some really special attributes of the calmer, country life we're now living; quieter blessings that I hadn't really spent much time dwelling on. Always grateful for moments that reveal things when I'm not really looking. Those actually seem to be the most inspired moments, come to think of it. Anyway, overall the day left me feeling grateful for this season we are in and the many more that came before. And afterwards, Ryan and I resolved to make sure more of these simple, mini-adventures are planned moving forward :) 

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