About Us

Hi! I'm Carli and I'm married to a lovely man named Ryan. We are proud parents of our two girls, Navy Maya (2) & Willa Paige (2 months). They have forever changed our lives for the better and it is truly our greatest adventure, raising these sweet souls. And let's not forget their fur-sibling Lincoln, our beloved four year old Irish Wolfhound. He is a cherished, calming & human sized presence in our home and we love him so much. 

Married life has been good to us and I just couldn't be more thankful to experience life with this wonderful man. Because it often feels like time moves quickly, I decided to create this space to start keeping better track. I write mostly about the good, simple and sweet things that sometimes get forgotten in the hustle of everyday life if not photographed or journaled. This is a happy little space for our family to chronicle memories, look back on and reflect. Happy you stopped by :)
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