Apr 11, 2013

A few things...

- So, every year around Easter, creme eggs start popping up everywhere. Now I can detect a creme egg within a quarter mile radius no problem. But that fact that they are available everywhere...well it just makes the creme egg addiction I have, that much worse. needless to say, I consumed an unreasonable amount of these this Easter. 

and yes, that is a bulk pack of three. in the walmart parking lot. #noshame

- naturally, my next point is that ryan and I are on a no-sugar challenge until the end of april. the only logical thing to do after you've induced yourself into the sugar coma of your life, is to swear off all sugar cold turkey. 

in all reality though, we tend to eat rather healthy in our home. it's just the occasional sugar craving I indulge that's standing in the way of me really feeling the benefits of our healthy lifestyle. So all joking and creme egg coma's aside, I really am excited to see what this refined sugar boycott does for my overall health. I'll be sure to keep you posted! :)

- Calgary has been doing a lot of this lately. one minute its sunny out. the crunchy brown grass trying for green while the soil below does it's best to thaw. you can almost smell spring! then, sometimes without even a day in between, blizzards like this blow through dashing our hopes that spring might have finally arrived. o calgary and your moody weather, you can be cruel to us warm weather deprived folk.... you know that, right?

- but, so long as we have to wear mittens and toques to be outside we will. because getting out, no matter the weather, just feels so darn good.

- also quick side note, would you take a gander at how much this pup has grown!? this is Lincoln on Easter weekend, just before he turned 6 months old. o how we love this giant pup of ours.


  1. No sugar?? What are you going to eat at breakfast tomorrow?! ;)

  2. You are going to feel GREAT after your sugar cleanse! Good for you!


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