May 13, 2013

a weekend for the books!

sometimes a weekend far exceeds it's weekendly expectations. every precious little ounce of fun to be had is squeezed out of each day. almost like time itself knows how much needs to happen, and decides to slow down a little. 

This past weekend was one of those weekends.  I could go on and on about every little detail. But we've all got places to be. So to be sure we're not here 'til next Sunday, here is my attempted Cole's Notes recap of our weekend, along with accompanying pictures, below. Wish me luck. You know how I get with words. 

On Friday night we had a brilliant time at our local pub with my mom. The three of us shared a couple pints and laughed until our faces hurt. It was silly and fun and needed after a long work week. On Saturday morning, Lincoln and I met up with Crystal and her two pups (a dane and a wolfhound) to walk the river paths that snake through downtown Calgary. It was gorgeous out! Also, my car battery died twice on Saturday! On two separate occasions I was stranded waiting for road side assistance! Never happened before, I have to say. Quite the adventure!

Roman, Lincoln and Eli enjoying the river on Saturday morning. 

Saturday night we attended the 30th birthday party of Ryan's best friend, which also turned out to be an engagement party of sorts because he proposed to his girlfriend with friends and family all on hand to celebrate! It was SO beautiful! We couldn't be happier for these two! Ryan and Adam have been friends since they were kids and the brotherly bond these two men share is something special. Adam is like family, and so we were thrilled when he met Elisa. She was a perfect fit from day one! We're excited for these two lovebirds to get married!

On Sunday morning, sporting our best bed heads (Lincoln included), we headed out bright and early to catch a Mother's Day hike with Ryan's brother Kelly and his wife Tara, along with their new baby boy Hunter! Kobi, their boxer, and Lincoln joined in on the fun. This was Tara's first Mother's Day! 

We hiked the Grassi Lakes trail in Canmore. The views were tremendous and the lakes, nestled in the valley between adjoining mountains, were spectacular! It's hard to believe colours that brilliant exist outside of photoshop. But they do! The proof is below :)

After the hike we performed a near circus act, changing in the car into our Sunday brunching best. We met up with Ryan's family in Banff to celebrate his mom. The whole family made it out and we had a lovely time! From there, we raced back to Calgary to enjoy dinner downtown with my family to celebrate my mom. It was such a gorgeous, nature and family filled day spent celebrating all the wonderful mama's in our lives. We're so grateful for the strong and beautiful women that raised us who continue to be cherished mama's, mentors, comforters and friends to us as we navigate our own adulthood.

And that, my friends, was our weekend! In the best possible nutshell you're ever gonna get out of me. (Raging extrovert over here, fyi). Now I'm off to catch up on all those z's I missed over the weekend. Because weekends are fun when more weekendly than usual. But oh, they have a way of making the week that follows a little more weekday-ish than I care to admit. Nothing a little extra sleep and some sweet weekend dreaming can't fix though :)


  1. Wow these images are absolutely stunning. Looks like such a perfect weekend for sure!


  2. Such beautiful scenery! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  3. Awesome photos Carli! We enjoyed every minute on sunday with you three!! :)


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