Jun 30, 2013

Let's catch up a little, shall we?

I've decided I am going to post a ridiculous amount of photos that have been accumulating over the last several weeks (months, actually) to document moments I've been unable to blog about in real time. Better late than never and all that, right? heeeeeeeere we go!

We've started a few DIY projects around the house and o it feels good to be tweaking this house of ours into more our home than ever. Although some people (ahem...lincoln) could stand to be a li-ttle more excited about it if you ask me. 

Sometimes he seems small, and other times he seems absolutely ginormous. I go back and forth on that one. In this pic, he seems ginormous. During the day today, he seemed average sized. (Quick real time update... took Lincoln to the vet this week and he clocked in at 133 lb. So, big statistically speaking I guess.)

We've enjoyed watching our favourite park wake up from it's winter slumber and grace us with fields of green as far as the eye can see. 

Sometimes we encounter winter melt off so vast it's turned in to ponds for playing on hot days. And those are good finds, let me tell you. 

We've attended several baby showers and enjoyed dinners out with friends, punctuated by happy detours for gelato on the way home because it's summer and why not. you know?

I think we can all agree that nights out in the yard are a lot more fun now that the grass is green. Some of us get so excited about the green grass and warm weather that it brings out side parts, squinty faces, sloppy tongues and the like. I can neither confirm or deny that isn't Ryan. Although the pictures above would suggest Lincoln's getting in on some of that action too.

Our beautiful city before the flood. It's still beautiful, just a little worse for wear at the moment. That said, the resilience of the people in this city and our tenacity to get things back to normal is remarkable. So proud to live in Calgary. 

As close as we've come to peaceful cohabitation. They're not spooning in their sleep just yet, but they are keen on sleeping near one another. Provided Lincoln is zonked out, Memphis always exhibits curiosity and an interest in relaxing near him. Thinking this is a good thing. And rest assured the day they cuddle you will know about it. Through streaming and unnecessarily invested tears of joy I will type those glad words and the world will know. the surliest cat alive and the largest puppy in all the land are spooning and it is good. (!!)

We walk and we walk. And then we walk some more. 

It's around this time every year I find my self occasionally jaw dropped while vigorously snapping pictures of our nightly sky. The skies in June in Alberta are unbeatable. I often wish I was toting my good camera around at moments like this. In the same breath though, I'm grateful for my iPhone and for all those in-between type moments that get documented because of it. 

We have Lincoln on a raw diet now, and among many other turn-your-stomach situations that come along with the practice, I've found myself texting Ryan silly things when it comes to his diet. Take, for instance, the picture of those chicken livers above. Found those babies at the grocery store for a steal and was so excited I had to text Ryan a pic. This is how cool we are. It comes down to something as supremely awesome as this. I text my Ryan pictures of chicken livers. Weirdest part? He's just as excited about them as I am ;)

And in closing, we have been holding a LOT of babies :) First, baby king charles cavalier spaniel Nacho, my brother and girlfriend's new puppy girl. Can't even handle how hilariously small she is in Lincoln's pen. 

Next baby (but really, four year old) is our nephew Beckett who we watched for an evening a little while ago. And while I'm on the subject, ryan, seeing you hold kids in your arms like that makes my heart burst in to a million pieces. like, in a really good way. 

Next baby is sweet Alexandra, new daughter of one of my dearest friends, Amy. O she is precious and adorable and every other delicious adjective you can think of. So happy for Amy, my lovely friend since 8th grade. Let me tell you, there are few things sweeter than watching a friend you've known since you were awkward, hilarious tweens welcome her first born with the grace and poise of a woman you can't help but lovingly admire. Love you Amy!

The next baby has actually been with us since March and he is my sweet nephew Hunter!! I had really hoped to blog about his arrival a lot sooner, but here are a few pictures to catch us up. Hunter is Kelly and Tara's first baby and he is so precious! He is my second nephew and I  love him so much! Tara has amazed me as a new mom. Motherhood suits her beautifully and I am so thrilled to watch my sister-in-law and sweet friend enjoy this new chapter of her life. 

Finally, we have baby Soleil who was born a few weeks ago. Soleil is my sweet and lifelong friend Billie's baby. Billie and I were literally friends from the moment we were born. Her mom and mine were best friends while pregnant. We spent most of our childhood together, only to fall out of touch for a season. Shortly after, we found out we were unexpectedly dating close friends. How things work out sometimes amazes me! We've each now been married 7 years to those men and I'm so grateful that life circumstances kept us near one another. Meeting Soleil this past week was a beautiful, full circle moment and I am so excited to watch the friend I've known since my infancy raise a wonderful child of her own. 

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