Oct 9, 2013

Lincoln turns 1!

 Lincoln turned 1 on Saturday! If you can believe it. I mean, where did the time go?

I remember that first week with him like it was yesterday. As is typical with me regarding anything good but new (as my mom pointed out to me recently), I had a pretty weepy, emotional reaction when we got Lincoln. I was ready to get a dog...a giant dog even. He's what we had wanted for so long and we were so elated to have found him. But once we got him, I proceeded to wrestle with the weight of the decision and how having him might change our lives in ways I wasn't ready for. Silly I know. He's just a dog. I can't really explain it, but I seem to have rather intense emotional reactions (for a visual of what these reactions look like, watch this video here) when anything really good, but really different happens in my life. Again, my mom just pointed this out to me the other day and it was a groundbreaking revelation to be sure. Helps me laugh at myself and, know myself a little better I guess. Henceforth, any nuclear crying sessions I experience shall indicate there is most likely something very, very good in my future :) I'll use it as a flow chart of sorts for decision making. Will this [insert new opportunity here] be good for me? Am I crying like a baby? If yes, then yes. Yes it will be. 

But on to the super cute part of this post. This puppy. He's one year old now, and has officially been in our lives eight months. Eight of the very best months. We both love him tons and are so incredibly happy he's a part of our lives. Happy birthday Lincoln!

Here's Lincoln at around 6 months...

And here he is at 1 year old . . .

A few notes about Lincoln on his birthday:

- He's around 160 lb. now
- When standing, his head comes up to my ribs (I'm 5'9" for perspective)
- He's gets called a horse and/or pony 2-3 times a day (still working on my 'I've never heard something so funny or so original!' response for each person who fancies themselves the first to say such a thing ;)
- He plays with any and all dogs. From 3 lb. Yorkies to 150 lb. St. Bernards ... he's Mr. Congeniality. We love this about him. 
- He has officially embraced the Wolfhound lean. Instead of sitting and staring at you, tail wagging waiting for pets Lincoln walks right past you until his side is leaning against your leg. He then looks back and waits for you to start scratching. Its a classic wolfhound behaviour and it cracks us up. 
- He's a natural at RV living. This has been such a blessing as we all try to live as 'normal' a life as possible in our current and rather unusual environment. 
- My daily walks with this guy have been a godsend for my back pain. Where my doctor, specialists, physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors have fallen short walking Lincoln daily has been the best thing to ever happen in terms of healing and increased stability in that part of my body. SO incredibly grateful for this!

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