Nov 27, 2013

Our Weekend

This past was weekend was so good. 

Saturday was leisurely with some errands around town and a little work in the morning. In the early afternoon I made my way over to Kelly and Tara's (where Ryan was already happily perched taking his new xbox for a test drive with Kelly). We enjoyed a great visit, some delicious food together and one of our seasonal favourites, 'nogtails' (eggnog, rum and nutmeg). Tis the season after all! 

We also made sure we topped up on Hunter snuggles throughout the day because how can you not?? He's so stinkin' cute! Love this little guy! 

And Sunday? Well it was just the best. And while I only have this photo of us during the day to show for it, I'm going to take comfort in knowing we were having too much fun to document the rest of the day. I believe I said to Ryan, 'babe! lets take a pic!' and he was in the middle of saying 'but I'm on the phone…' Didn't deter me any. And thank goodness! Its the only photographic documentation I got of our day together :)

While we were waiting for Best Buy to open we popped into Ikea, Jugo juices fresh in hand. While perusing Ikea we came up with so many ideas for the new home. It really got us thinking… we just can't wait to start settling in to our own space! I've missed decorating and DIY'ing so much. It will certainly be fun to get back at it again in the new year! (Quick side note: after seeing the 30Rock episode about Ikea and couples barely surviving shopping trips there, we crack up every time we go. Listen to the conversations around you next time you go…its really true, Ikea provokes the combative, amateur interior decorator in many :)

After Ikea and Best Buy we had lunch at my Dad's place with him, Brooke and Tyrone. Memphis was there too! It was nice to see our little feline and my family. We got back to Cochrane in time for Lincoln and I to meet up with Crystal, Eli and Roman (Lincoln's wolfhound and great dane friends) for an afternoon coffee and muffin at Cochrane Coffee Traders followed by a walk at our favourite off leash park. Crystal is building in the same community as us so its always fun to walk the park together, knowing this will be our new normal in a couple months! 

The evening found us at our new favourite pub in Cochrane, enjoying a pint as we watched the final half of the Grey Cup and then the Broncos/Patriots game. It was especially fun watching Brady and the Patriots at our new little pub, in our new little life in Cochrane exactly one year after we watched them live at our first NFL game! Amazing that our first trip to New York was only one year ago this week! In some ways it feels like yesterday and in others it feels like a lifetime ago; considering how much our lives have changed in the interim! 


  1. I feel ya. We're still renting a room from a family while we figure out our next step. We haven't been in our own house or had our stuff since April! Although I'm thankful for a place to stay and the adventure we're on, I miss DIYing, decorating and in general having our own space. I have to say though Car, your attitude during all your transitioning is SO encouraging to me!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    1. Wow Carly! I didn't realize you weren't in your own place yet. You've been displaced much longer than I have! That said, I'm happy to hear you've been encouraged reading along. I agree with you. I'm so thankful we have a place to stay and for this crazy chapter of our lives. And though I miss some of my usual creature comforts, I know I'll have them again eventually and that this is an intended season. I just keep reminding myself that its best to roost right now in my present and savour these moments I'm meant to experience versus wishing the time would pass faster. I'm sure you're doing the same. And PS. Congratulations again on expecting your little one!! SOOO excited for you guys :)

    2. Thank you! Not exactly how I imagined starting a family...(in transition) but here we go! Why not :) I love your blog Carli! So thankful for your shared thoughts and photos.

    3. You just made my day friend! Thank you for your continuously kind and encouraging words. The feeling is definitely mutual! And as for your growing family, you'll do wonderfully as new parents, even in the midst of transition. So very excited for you!


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