Dec 19, 2013

A winter to remember

December 21st, the first official day of winter, hasn't yet come and already this is a winter to remember. I can't recall a more relentless, snowy or colder winter than this. Honestly! The snow just keeps falling. Like today. Alllllll day. Snow, snow, snow. 

So what's making this persistent cold bearable, you might ask? It's pretty. And prettiness is one heck of a redeeming quality this silly winter has going for itself right now. 

So winter, you have until Christmas to keep up these shenanigans. Because right now, you're still all winter wonderlandy, baby its cold outside and the like. And that's cozy, considering its Christmas time. Come December 25th at the stroke of midnight however, I'd like a full on melt please. Or at the very least, a little bit gentler January, February and March. While not historically Alberta's nature, I feel like we've paid our winter penance a little early this year :)

1 comment:

  1. Also hoping for a gentle reprieve...the amount of snow so far is bonkers!


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