Mar 22, 2014

4 in 4

Ryan had the day off yesterday, which will kind of make tomorrow feel like we've had two weekends this week. And you won't hear me complaining about that. No sireee. All smiles over here :)

After a great day together, I got to thinking about things. It's funny how we've settled into 'normal' life since moving into our home. Almost so normal, I sometimes forget about how weird the four months of moving were. Maybe not weird, just abnormal. Those four months were an absence of what our normal typically looks like, you know? And while we were in it, it felt like forever. And then, almost in a blink, here we are. In our new place, starting a new chapter. 

It really dawned on me  last night as I caught the sunset out our bedroom window. I started thinking about the 4 moves we did in 4 months. The 4 backyards we've had in those 4 months. The memories they're each responsible for. I smiled as I remembered each space as I'm smiling now. Because even though transition can sometimes be trying and uncomfortable, its also often an opportunity for personal growth, flexibility and improvement. I look back on these four spaces thankful for the time we enjoyed them, thankful for what I learned at each interval and thankful for where I am now. 

Our sweet backyard in our previous home; the first home we owned. Lots of hard work went into this yard to make her the little suburban oasis she was. And we loved it. 
Our hilarious, beloved RV loaned to us by a friend of a friend. I'll never forget looking out these windows across the river as I watched our home take shape.
The backyard at the cabin was massive. Practically the length of a football field and rather remote. With such space at our disposal, we were outside during this winter more than ever before. 
Our slice of the beautiful forest as viewed from our bedroom window. This. This vista is one of the biggest reasons we opted for four months of semi-homelessness. And every time I catch a glimpse of it, I'm so grateful for every step that brought us here. 

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  1. Very uplifting post. My husband and I are in that in between strange right now in TN from Florida. It took us a while to pick a city/state but now that we have it seems worth while and I can't wait! It looks like you saw a few beautiful sights along the way : )


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