Oct 16, 2014

Creating Character in Our Home ~ 13/31


Curtains! One of my most favourite additions to each of the homes we've lived in. Hung high and wide, they broaden the perceived size of windows and add a texture and softness to walls that's difficult to achieve without them. In our first rental, the size of our windows and the view were less than desirable. But layered curtains, hung floor to ceiling, seemed to do wonders for letting the light pour in while masking our ultra premium parking lot view ;) In our previous home, our windows were bigger which was lovely, but our home backed right onto other people's homes presenting a bit of a privacy issue. Once again, light layered curtains did a wonderful job of broadening the perceived size of our windows while letting light in and keeping neighbours from seeing directly into our home. 

In our current home, we're so glad to be backing on to a wooded area so privacy isn't as much as of an issue. That said, my love for soft curtains has not wained ;) So you better believe they're going up all around the home. Whether the window has blinds (we purchased blinds for the windows that face our neighbours and the front street) or not, I find layering curtains into the space can add so much to a room. In the top picture, we even used curtains to mask an awkward wall space and connect two smaller windows. I'll write more on that project later. Really happy with how it turned out. 

As Ive been known to do for many (many) items in our home, I seem to always go back to Ikea for curtains and curtain rods. In every home so far, all of our curtains have been from Ikea. Despite previous attempts to diversify, I can't help it! I'm a sucker for the customizability, price points and simplistic styles their selection offers. Plus the $1 froyo after checkout never hurts either ;)

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  1. Great to know that Ikea has such fantastic curtains! My current gray tweed is a little too dour for our bedroom, and I love the linen texture of these. I'm so enjoying your posts!


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