Feb 7, 2015

San Francisco

Well we did it! Our first trip with little Navy was to San Francisco and it was incredible! She was six weeks old when we left and even at such a young age, she amazed us with how well she handled everything.  She was so flexible. We nursed anywhere and everywhere: airplanes, restaurants, J.Crew change rooms (haha), a forest, an observatory, the Gold Gate Bridge…you name it, we nursed there :) When we weren't nursing, we were on the move sightseeing and she slept like a champ in her stroller. We'd get back to the hotel around mid-day each day for me to take a snooze (6 weeks out from giving birth, I've realized, is long enough to make you feel like you're back to normal just enough to over do it slightly and realize you're not quite back to normal and you need your rest so sleep a little more, would ya?). While I was napping away, Ryan would get Navy out of her carseat and down to her diaper so she could have a little free time to stretch and cuddle and giggle and do anything else that literally stops us in our tracks as we exclaim to one another "did you see that?! That was the cutest!".

A couple things I realized on this trip. 1. Travel is incredible and I don't regret one minute or one penny I've spent exploring this vast world. 2. I'm married to an angel who is truly the husband of my dreams and the most gracious and loving father to our baby girl. Seeing him out adventuring with our little girl, bursting with pride every time he looks at her blesses me beyond belief. So proud to push her stroller, carry her around or wear her as we walk, he is entirely invested in raising this little girl and I can think of nothing more lovely than this man who cares so much about being a great husband and father. 3. With a little planning and teamwork, travelling with our little girl for the first time was a total joy. 4. What tha heck did we do before we had a stroller?? I mean where did we put all the stuff?! 5. People, strangers really, were overwhelmingly kind to us everywhere we went. Asking how old Navy was, offering up their sincerest enjoy-every-moment-it-goes-by-too-fast's, getting all glassy eyed as they shared how old their children or grandchildren were. I was overwhelmed by their response to this little girl of ours. Their reactions gave me an even deeper appreciation of the significance of family and parenthood, as if I wasn't already emotional enough ;)

This trip was a wonderful start to a lifetime of travel with Navy. It was even better than we hoped it would be and we're feeling pretty grateful about that. 


  1. My first thought was "You guys are so brave/crazy", but I would also like to hope babies can adapt to anything-travel included. That's so great you guys got out there and made some beautiful memories with Navy. Hope you are all doing well!

    1. Haha ya it seemed more dating when we were planning the trip before the little lady's arrival. After she was here though, we started to realize how doable it would be and decided to proceed. Soooooo glad we did :) Also, a BIG congratulations to you and Scott on little Vincent!! He is precious. So happy for you guys. Who knew that only a year after we were all working together on our new home we would both be welcoming little babies into our lives?! Life is good :)

  2. These pictures!! And you Three!! my goodness melt my heart! So cute!!


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