Feb 11, 2016

We had the sweetest day today, Navy, Lincoln & I. My legs are aching in that really good-tired kind of way after two looooong walks; one with our sweet friends Lee & baby Juliette and the other, an afternoon run for Lincoln with Crystal & Roman. Like two fresh air bookends to a productive day at home. 

Time at home, whether I'm working, cooking, cleaning or playing right along with her, is sweetened by Navy tee-toddling about, her little belly protruding comically and her tiny feet smacking as she cruises around the hardwood. It's almost too cute a sight to bear and very distracting when I'm trying to sneak a couple quick minutes of work in ;)

I read a beautiful quote by C.S. Lewis the other day that really resonated with me and where I'm at these days. "It's not the load that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it." That wise man and his words hey? So good. And such a poignant reminder that perspective and attitude matter. With each new season of motherhood and it's innate beauty also comes challenges, adjustments and learning curves. Right now, Navy's transitioning to only one nap a day (I sure got used to those two naps a day ;) and for every second she is awake she's running around with more energy than I ever thought possible. And that can sometimes lead to bumps & bruises, frustration when she discovers her limitations as well as even more vigilant supervision on my part. At the same time I've started working (from home, so grateful and loving it) and life has just felt busier than usual for a whole host of other reasons. 

The result is that I've been feeling overwhelmed lately. Like the load I'm carrying has left me feeling weary and spent at the end of the day. Not unhappy or ungrateful, just tired and unsure of how I'm supposed to 'do it all' when 'it all' is constantly evolving.

And then I read this quote and it reminded me that keeping proper perspective makes all the difference. Keeping my focus on how blessed I am and how grateful I am as I learn, well, it does wonders for lightening what can feel like a heavy or challenging load. By paying just a moment of attention towards improving my attitude, I feel like a new woman. Calmer, more capable and more productive. Moving forward, I want to 'carry' my roles and responsibilities with confidence, joy and gratitude by focusing first on those good things. I'm confident that moving forward with this intention will help me be kinder to myself and as be a result a better mama, wife, sister and friend ♡

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