Nov 8, 2016

2 babies △ 1 mama: our first week flying solo

Well the first week of the little ladies and I flying solo is officially in the books. Honestly don't know where the time has gone. Little Willa is already 2 weels old! It all just feels like a blink when I look back on it. A really happy, blurry blink :) 

Despite some sick set-backs, we did pretty well this week! Navy had that awful cold that seemed to really start the day Willa was born. It's held on until now and just today, we found out it's developed into an ear infection. So hard to see her this sick! But we got in to our doctor really quick and she has already started her antibiotics. Hoping she starts to feel well really soon. Unfortunately, little Willa came down with Navy's cold on Tuesday of this week despite our best efforts to keep her from it, and has been struggling with it ever since. Thankfully, she is still sleeping & eating well. Could not be more grateful for how she has weathered feeling unwell so far. Her little chest coughs and runny nose are heartbreaking considering how new she is, but she's taking it in stride so we couldn't hope for more given the circumstances. 

Because Navy was feeling so unwell and I am still recovering from Willa's birth, we took things really easy around home. We had lots of loved ones who had planned on visiting this past week but because of all these cold bugs going around both on their end and ours, all our visits had to be postponed regrettably. We were so looking forward to seeing our sweet family and friends but everyone was really understanding about pushing things off and now we just have lots of visits in our near future to look forward to! 

Thankfully Nanny (my mom) was able to come out a couple days, including Halloween evening, which we were so grateful for. And certainly, every evening Ryan came home we were SO happy to see him!! 

One thing that's been difficult for me towards the end of Willa's pregnancy and now as I recover post-birth is not being able to get Navy & Lincoln outside as much to run free and play. When we lived in Cochrane we had a beautiful walking rhythm in our lives. Lots of friends and paths and puppy friends to meet up with, visit, play and walk with.  Admittedly, since we moved and in conjunction with my sciatic pain increasing as the pregnancy went on, I've been unable to reestablish that kind of a rhythm in our lives here in Didsbury. So, it brings my heart no end of joy when Ryan comes home to take Navy and Lincoln out for a run. He always gets the best pictures of them and knows how happy it makes them and me, by proxy, to see them out and enjoying the outdoors. And I simply cannot wait to join them on their adventures soon. AND to make sure we start having these adventures again, during our day while Ryan is at work. 

Emotionally, I'm feeling very well post pregnancy and birth. So very happy with how peaceful Willa's birth was and how similar it was to Navy's. And as the days pass, the memories of her birth are blurring into the same kind of blissful nostalgia I feel towards Navy's birth. And that realization, alone, gives my heart a joyful buoyancy that seems to lift it even if, in a specific moment, I'm struggling with something else.

Looking forward to my little girls kicking these coughs, colds & infections to the curb so we can start the transition towards what normal life will look like as a family of four. That said, I'm definitely taking this bought of sickness as a sign to slow down and love on my little family right here in this season, just as we are.

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