Apr 16, 2012


I try to swim most weekdays. I have a weak lower back, due to some old basketball injuries. It flares up with the slightest exertion, and swimming really has been making a huge difference. When I go regularly, I feel stronger, not only in my back, but in my whole body.  So, there's no doubt that its been good for me, and that I should continue.  

But here's my beef. 

This stinkin' swim cap! At first I didn't want to wear one.  But, being the proud owner of some of the finest (read: brittle) hair known to man, that breaks if I even look at it wrong, I knew I couldn't daily abuse it by exposing it to highly chlorinated water. So, the swim cap was a must. Even though I resented it from the day I first laid eyes on it. 

Now, almost every day I go to the pool and get changed into my swim suit. I waltz over to the change-room sinks where I start to psych myself up for the wrestling match that's about to ensue. I then wet my hair, put it in a loose pony tail and run the swim cap under water to help things go a little smoother.  

Then, its like WWE up in that change-room! Carli vs. The Swim Cap. (If I knew more about wresting, I'd better describe the sequence that unfolds...only thing coming to mind is something about a 'full nelson'??) Anyway, we trade moves for a few minutes, both emerging rather beat up. Every day is different. Everyday is unpredictable.

But regardless, every day, after a few minutes of struggle, and then a few more minutes of tucking straggler strands back under, I emerge victorious! I grab my towel and my goggles, grimace one last time as I catch my reflection in the mirror, and savor my victory strut all the way to the pool. I'm a winner. I'm a total winner.

But then, about halfway to the pool I realize, I am the one wearing the swim cap. So, who's the real winner here?


The swim cap. It always is.


  1. Hahahaha! Gotta protect your little Timbit bun!

    1. Haha so true! That little bun is going to stay at least the size of a timbit if I have anything to say about it. Or maybe, one day it might even reach apricot size with heavy conditioning, less ponytails and religious swim cap use :)



  2. Swim caps get the best of me too. (confession: my only athletic streak has been swim team in high school) I used to scrunch in a little conditioner in my hair before wrestling with my swim cap, it seemed to help. Show it who's boss Carli.

    1. Haha thanks for the tip Carly! That's a good one. Dual purpose and I like it :)




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