Apr 18, 2012


*I wrote this post last week. And then we had a snow storm. It felt seasonally wrong to post this as a blizzard raged outside my office window :) But the weather lately has been just springy enough to make posting this feel seasonally right. So, without further ado...*

*Update: It's snowing again. Insert crying emoticon*

Sometimes, when I don't make it to the pool in the mornings, I try to go for a walk at some point during the day. Today was one of those days. Everything here is still pretty brown from the winter, and at first glance, it doesn't look like anything green can be seen. It looks like its still winter. But without the snow. 

As I was walking though, I started to catch little flecks of green here and there. Nothing major, just little hints. So, I knelt down and snapped this pic. This picture was taken very close to the ground. But there it was! Plain as day! Spring!! Happening before my very eyes. It was a simple sight. But a sweet one. 

As I kept walking, I had a thought. How does all that new, baby green grass push through the straw-like, dead residual from years past? If no one is around to clear it away, how does the new growth get through? It's so young and fragile. I know that in a few weeks, all of the grass will be as green as the very greenest blades in this picture. So where does the dead stuff go? And how does the new stuff take over?

Almost as soon as I had this thought about the grass, I knew I was pondering a larger life metaphor. Unintentionally, but doing so nonetheless. I thought it was best I take a moment and consider this.  

Now this is me speaking to me. You're welcome to listen though ;)

It doesn't matter what baggage we feel we've accrued. It doesn't matter what bad habits, failures, shortcomings or negative thoughts we've allowed to take up partial residence in our hearts. If little, tiny blades of grass can break through seasons of dead growth, suffocating snow and winter's frozen grip, certainly a lightness and newness can shine through the very parts of us we feel aren't entirely life giving at the moment? Certainly, as sure as spring's new life follows winter's slumber, my shortcomings and burdens, big and small, can shed and be replaced with more hope, positivity and love. Certainly.

I know God speaks to us constantly, in our lives and through our surroundings. I'm grateful that, as human as I am, sometimes I'm also conscious enough to slow down and stay quiet long enough to listen and to hear. To really hear. Today was one of those 'sometimes'.


  1. Really well said. I love it!
    Nicole L

    1. Thanks friend :) :) Appreciate that!

  2. What a beautiful metaphor! :) I love the idea that no matter what troubles us, we can break through it.
    P.S. I'm crying for you regarding the snow. YUCK!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Any commiserating when it comes to our snowy spring weather has a way of soothing the pain ;)




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