Apr 24, 2012

My heart's happy...

because I've got a genuine DIY enthusiast on my hands. My expressing interest in building furniture together has lit a fire for power tools and wood working in Ryan I've never know. DIY is a major win/win in this household. He gets new power tools and I get to see how cute he looks with his new power tools.
o, and we get some furniture too.

because this little fuzzy feline, right when I need a smile, drags his plump little bod out of his bed and saunters on by. he gets in my way. it cracks me up and makes me smile.

because lately, the sky looks like this at night.

and because, this weekend, my toes were warmed by the sun instead of wooly, winter boots. 


  1. Your blog is adorable! Love all of the DIY projects you guys are doing!

    1. Thanks Sara! Happy you stopped by :)



  2. Replies
    1. Happier because you're in it friend! Hugs!



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