Apr 25, 2012


That's what I paid for this beauty.

My baby sis and I were trolling Goodwill the other day, when I saw this swank piece. It was listed at $3.99. And yes, I felt the urge to barter. 

Unfortunately garage sale season is still a few weeks away. 

So, I forked over my $3.99 and took this pitcher home with me. It sat in the garage for some time before I got on to fixing it up. But this weekend, I took advantage of our lovely warm weather and got to work on revamping this sad, sad pitcher. 

I opted for some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint that I've heard about so much about over here. Ordinarily, I'd go for plain white, but this color (can we call it that?), is just so intense. It's dark, but not black. It's super dimensional and sparkly and different from every angle.

So, away I went. 

Action shot. No big deal. 

A couple items to note in the above picture. 

1. Yes, I am wearing crocs. They're my garage-cleaning, yard-working, spray-painting shoes. One time, in university, I wore these crocs to school. It was a low point for me. I was told that by a friend that day.

They were very right.

2. Yes I am wearing my old softball tee shirt. Single tear for the now defunct Dodgers

But once again, I digress. On to the Goodwill pitcher transformation!

Coat 1. Lookin' patchy. 

Coat 2. A little more coverage? I think so.

Coat 3. Mmmmhmm. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've arrived.

Let's zoom in for a few detail shots shall we?

I think the picture below best shows the iridescent quality of ORB. It's not black, not brown, not entirely sparkly and yet not matte. It's just perfect!  It's a delicious concoction of spray-paint that creates the richest and most delightfully pigmented finished product. 

At the end of the day, I have a beautiful little pitcher that went from grungy Goodwill to rustic and restored. It always had these classic lines, but the galvanized steel and gold detailing were competing for attention. With a clean, uniform coat of ORB spray paint, this pitcher can finally be the little flower canister it was always meant to be :)


  1. You and I mustmustmust go thrifting together one day!! I never seem to have your luck...

  2. First thing I noticed were the blue crocs!! and baseball tee, very stylish! Love the pitcher and how it turned out!

  3. what a great little DIY project! love it with the tulips! my favorite flowers :)
    xo TJ


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