Apr 19, 2012

This past week(stagram)

A few snapshots from last week, as illustrated through my Instagram feed + one photo kindly sent to me by my bff (thanks Nicole!).

This will result in a brain-trail, thought-dump of sorts. 

Last week my Mom and I hit up Evelyn's in High River. We were on our way to attending an MLA candidacy debate, and felt like we needed some pie for sustenance. Random? Yes. Awesome? YES. 50's style diners are so awesome. Turns out they didn't have any pie left. It was 5pm and they were closing. 

Yes. we were in a small town. 

So, we ended up settling on a date square and a slice of coffee cake. Scrumpsh! (Sidenote: I tend to shorten words in conversation, and often don't have much difficulty translating those words when writing. But I have to admit...shortening the word scrumptious had me scratching my head for a second there.)

That night, I wore pink lipstick. Now, this may not seem newsworthy to some. But it is to me. I'm not a lipstick wearing kind of gal. At least thus far in my life. But, I've decided that, everything now and then I'm gonna give it a go. There's something so uniquely feminine about it. And sometimes a girl's just gotta feel like a girl, ya know?

Another night this week, the hubby and I partook in one of our favorite bottles of wine while watching the last three episodes of The Walking Dead. Ok. That show is crazy. I can't really describe why I like watching it so much. I can say though, that having a glass of wine while watching it certainly helps me palette it's craziness. That show is a major train wreck. I want to look away. but I can't. 

A couple times this week, we were graced with some April showers. Showers! Anything not frozen, falling from the sky by way of moisture is A-OK with me. I was pretty pumped about it. The air smelled like rain. Fresh rain. Is there anything better?

By the time I got home, my backyard looked like this. I'm not going to say anymore. I'll get emotional. 

To cope, I talked it out with Memphis. As you can see from his facial expression, he's like, so over this. 

Later in the week, we went out on a date night with my bff and her hubby for dinner and a movie. Since having their sweet little baby girl 18 months ago, we hadn't been out on a double date... if you can believe it! It was definitely overdue, and as fun as we had hoped. We went to see The Hunger Games and then finished the night at Earl's with some appies and drinks. 

We totally asked the server to take a photo. We were those people. Momentarily I felt awkward for doing so. I always kind of do. Then, I quickly realized, we're the era of social media. Everyone takes pictures everywhere. Its totally fine. In fact its better than fine. We're documenting fun times we don't want to forget. So go on! Take pictures! You won't regret it Carli! 

Good talk, self. 

PS. Love time with great friends! Could not be more grateful for these two :) Love you guys!

I thought it was safe to put these puppies away. It wasn't. So I called them back up to the big leagues. At least for a few more weeks. 

Over the weekend, I caught a coffee date with my sweet sister-in-law Tara. Love that girl. It was a much needed catchup and a coffee at Java is very difficult to say no to. See for yourself. Mmmmmmm....coffee.

That same day I had a yummy lunch with my dad at Joey's. We were catching up before he left on an extended trip to Egypt. So excited for him! He's been wanting to do something like this for some time now. 

Random Carli Fact: I don't like salads. I like veggies, but salads as a meal, I tend to avoid. Not this one though. This salad, if we can call it that, is my kryptonite when it comes to salad. It makes me forget I ever had anything bad to say about them.

Halfway through our lunch, my brother Tyrone decided to join us. It was lovely seeing this guy. I don't get to see him often enough, so when I do, it's a major treat. We snapped a mini, half family pic. We're the dark haired members of the family and we stick together like birds of a feather. 

I don't know why I said that. 

But I love them. Thats the main point I was getting at. 

All in all, it was a lovely week. 

And, can I just say that I'm so grateful for things like Instagram and this blog. I really wanted to create a space where I remember the lovely things that happen in my life. Taking all these pictures and blogging about them has been so helpful in encouraging me to stop, slow down, and realize that wonderful memories are being created every day...even during a very simple week at home. 


  1. Ha! Lipstick entered my life about a month ago. I never seem to go through with it though, I always wipe it off at the last minute. Baby steps, baby steps. (what does your husband think of it ? Matt hasn't warmed up to my new chapter of sophistication yet...)

    1. Haha 'new chapter of sophistication'. Loved that. I'd say Matt and Ryan are on the same page. Ryan's not quite sure of it yet. I wear it out with my lady friends more often than with him. But, who knows...he could come around. I mean he warmed to the top knot a lot quicker than I expected. Lipstick acceptance could be just around the corner ;)




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