May 31, 2012

Love Note

The last several days, I've been reading my favorite blogs. like I do. And I keep catching myself fantasizing about what it would be like if Ryan and I lived where some of those other people live. ie. New York for example. And how easy it would be to walk more, explore more, photograph more, be inspired more if our surroundings were different. if we lived in a city like that.

Now, it's not that I don't love where I live. because I honestly do. It's another thing. something I can change and intend too. You see, for most of my life, I've struggled with the practice of being present. I'm sure this is a natural part of the human condition, but I've always known it about myself for certain. I have an uncanny ability to look back with fondness at each chapter of my life, and then subsequently scold my present self for not having appreciated it more when I was actually there. Silly right? Because I know I did enjoy that chapter of my life immensely. It's just that I do seem to be more forward looking, concerned about my next steps vs. enjoying the steps I'm taking presently. 

Anyway, all that to say... last night I made a commitment to myself. And this blog is the perfect place to keep me accountable and to document this commitment. this life is lovely. absolutely lovely. and where I live is breathtaking, absolutely bursting at the seems with beauty and inspiration. and every little part  that makes up every chapter of this life is worth writing a little love note to every once in a while. So, as often as I can (hopefully weekly), I want to write a little love note accompanied by pictures to a particular part of my present life. Exactly where I am in that moment. 

it's gonna be swell. i just know it. 

so last night it started. I decided to take a little 'I'm so inspired' waltz around my community. and this love note and it's accompanying pictures (taken last night) is a little ode to just that. exactly where I live. 

Love Note

Bright blue sky with your moody clouds, fresh spring grass, old dirt roads, barbed wire fences, thistles and sweet little ponds...thanks for bringing a smile to my face this evening. I was feeling a little dejected about the fact that I don't live in New York or somewhere like it, for some odd reason. And all it took was stepping out my front door and walking about two minutes before you, gently and powerfully at the very same time, overwhelmed me with your astounding beauty! This is my backyard? This is where I live?! 


Yep. I'm awake. And I'm smiling from ear to ear. happy to be just exactly where I am. 

I don't look up often enough. turns out, there's a heck of a lot to see up there.
Even thistles can be beautiful. Sure, sometimes they can assault people's bare feet because
people are super smart and decide to wear flip-flops for their 'I'm so inspired' nature walks.
True story. This happens to people.

Wait. Why's everyone looking at me?
Cattle country. Also my backyard. Beautiful.
Little blades of grass breaking through a hardened dirt road makes my heart sing. good work lil guys.
keep fightin' the good fight, ya hear?
A sweet little pond by my house that, if memory serves, has never looked so lovely. 


  1. Wow. As usual, nice photogs lady friend. And I like the love letter too. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing place to call home :)

  3. I definitely know how you feel sometimes, but you're right. Sometimes the prettiest places are wherever YOU are. Just gotta appreciate the little things. ;) xo

    1. Totally agree Sara! Well said :)



  4. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  5. beautiful photos and such a great idea for a post. I live out in the country too and my boyfriend lives on a huge ranch so I'm always surrounded by the beauty of the open country.

    xo erica


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