May 1, 2012

Rainy Days

It was a rainy, rainy day today. And days like that are hardly normal around these parts. There's just something about rainy days, don't you think? Maybe its because they're rare. Or maybe its because they make me feel cozy. Either way, I love them. They inspire me to stay in and settle down. A cozy cup of coffee and a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins later, I'm thinking I could use a couple more rainy days around here. 

Also, just a quick thank you shout-out to my coffee (for the caffeine) and my banana muffins (for the sustenance) for getting me through the Office Clean of 2012. Without you two, the night might have unfolded differently. Papers might have been sorted into piles but not actually filed or recycled properly. Boxes might just have been stacked neatly, but instead, were emptied, sorted and reorganized. And I gotta think this wasn't all on my steam alone. 

So thanks coffee. thanks muffins. thanks for having my back on this rainy, rainy night.

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