Apr 30, 2012

Ice Cream

Last night, in a very random turn of events, Ryan and I went for some ice cream. Not something we do often. But to break up the epic couch marathon that is our norm on Sunday evenings, we decided to do something different. Something wild. Something crazy!

We headed out in search of some ice cream.

Our ice cream parlor of choice? My old stompin' grounds, Lics! As a kid, my family and I would go there all the time. We'd hop on our bikes and pedal over to the legendary ice cream shop for a little treat. Well last night, instead of a pedal bike, we hopped into an SUV. But the rest was pretty much the same. 

The place is super vintage. We're talking forest green and dusty rose wallpaper halfway up the wall, topped by a floral runner that borders the store. Vintage.

O and the same chalkboard menu since I was 5.

After some serious deliberation, we ice creamed up and hit the trail. Lics is right across from the river, and it was a gorgeous night for a walk.

Have ice cream. Will travel.

And on that note...aren't ice cream cones fun!? There's something about waltzing along, slurping ice cream from a cone that makes you feel young. Like its hard to have a care in the world. It has a way of making you be more present. I mean lets be honest...its hard to walk, eat your cone and text at the same time. It kinda slows you down...you know? Or at the very least...it makes you feel like a kid again. Both of which I think are pretty awesome. 

Prepare yourself. Action shot below. Like serious action shot :) 

or should I say :p to better emoti-express the picture below?

We sauntered over to the river. All the while I kept asking myself why we don't do this more often. Eat ice cream. Walk. Visit our beautiful inner city paths. Eat waffle cones. Walk. 

All of the above.

While it was a beautiful night, it was still spring in Alberta. Meaning, as the sun set and we finished our ice cream, we got cold. Luckily there was a random coffee shop en route. We grabbed a cup of their finest drip and $1.75 later, we were warmer. 

We pulled up a seat at this quaint little bench. 

Until our bottoms froze. Then we moved on.

The whole night left us smiling.

Smiling because waffle cones and ice cream are delicious. And because river walks are lovely. And because talking with one another when a T.V. or iPhone isn't in the vicinity is amazing. And because the sun on your face is revitalizing. And because sometimes it just feels so darn good to take a minute, or sixty, to get to know this person you're married to that little bit more. 


  1. You're a chocolate girl eh? Just plain chocolate?
    I am, of course, talking about icecream.

    1. Haha yep. Just chocolate. I get overwhelmed by all the choices and end up defaulting to my safe zone ;)



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