May 23, 2012

Some Things

That thing they say about absence and hearts? Well it's true. A little absence always tends to make this girl's heart grow even fonder for that guy right there. It was just a long weekend. He was a lucky duck golfing his heart out in Phoenix. I was a happy girl having a great time with my family and friends back at home. Days were filled with lovely things and went by quickly. 

But, at the end of all those days, not having him nearby made me realize all over again how sweet life is when he's around. 

He's starting to do this more and more. I don't know whether I should be amused or concerned. I mean, the way he sleeps like a human is both adorable and unnerving. Jury's out. I'll revisit this one later. 

Walking is amazing and SO underrated. Walking very close to where you live, and discovering paths like this. Also amazing. Mental note: walk more. 

And speaking of walking, and things you need to walk. Shoes. More specifically, sandals. It's finally sandal weather here! Yay! O how long my eerily pale, boot covered, Canadian feet have yearned for this! To celebrate the season, it's going to be sandals, peep-toes, and wedges exclusively around these here parts until a snow storm of epic proportions comes along and forces me to cover my exposed digits.

The other day, the sky looked like this. I know right?! Talk about ominous. Stuff like this just makes me feel like a little spec of dust. So small in comparison. And, as you can probably deduce from the above picture, a very rainy day followed. I love rainy days. So it was a good day. 

We saw Bon Iver last night. I almost have no words. 'No words' because it would be impossible to succinctly sum up this concert's awesomeness in words. 'Almost no words' because my name is Carli. And, very often to the chagrin of those who know and love me, I always have words. So, without further ado, here are my words to sum up my Bon Iver experience last night. 

As if it was even possible, Bon Iver is more amazing in person than in their recorded music. The concert was spectacular. They are incredible musicians and their music really is something else. The best part? The concert was so chill. A couple times, I think I fell asleep standing up. Like a really awesome, semi-conscious, 'best nap of my life' standing sleep. Amazing. That could never have been achieved without the live musical handiwork of the one, the only...Bon Iver. 

Just some things I wanted to talk about. Thanks for listening. 


  1. That stormy sky picture is intensely beautiful, in an other-worldly kind of a way. Well done!

  2. mmmm. Bon Iver! Yes.please! We're seeing Sigur Ros this summer, and I'm totally gonna have a musical nap:-) xoxo

  3. AnonymousMay 27, 2012

    The whole post was darn cute! :) Really enjoyed it!
    Nicole L


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