Jun 14, 2012


For now, for where we are, it's gonna be in the details. 

I keep surveying our home, scratching my head wondering what (in each and every room) is missing. And finally, after much pondering, I've happened upon the answer. It's the details. You see, I read so many amazing blogs about people completely renovating their older homes. And the things they're doing are just amazing! Intense reno work. Massive transformations. Seriously challenging DIY. 

And then there's me. in my newer home. No grubby carpet to rip out. No walls that need knocking down. No kitchen cabinets in desperate need of an upgrade. 

So, what's a DIY loving, project craving, nesting Nelly to do?

Decorate! That's what. Decorate with details. Decorate with smaller, subtler projects, unique acquisitions, trash to treasure trinkets and Goodwill goodies. Decorate to my heart's content. Decorate to make this house truly our home. 

Just a little pep talk I've been giving myself lately when it comes to decor and this home of ours. don't mind me. 

And on that note, a Goodwill goodie to discuss. This little metal basket. cute, no?

I saw this little basket the other day, perched precociously atop the 'Metal & Trays' shelf at my local Goodwill. Looking sad. Especially sad when you consider the company it was keeping. Ralph & Ronalynn's 'Celebrating 25 Years of Wedded Bliss' silver anniversary tray was holding up the bottom, while a super sinister metal penguin figurine sat idly inside. poor penguin. held back from ever truly exploring his new found Goodwill life. That was, until I freed him. You see, after gauging this goodie from afar, I decided to move in a little closer and really take stock. 

I liked what I saw. 

So, I delicately removed Gary (I assume that was his name) and set him down near Ralph and Ronalynn. While they got acquainted, I turned heel and made a break for it with my new metal basket. And by made a break for it I mean walked slowly to the cash register, exchanged pleasantries with the cashier, and paid my $3.50 to bring this little ditty home with me. 

I'm happy to report that this little basket is now on blanket & magazine holding duty. A nice little detail I'm excited to have added to my living room as I continue to define what exactly this room, and home in general, will eventually look like.

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