Jun 13, 2012

Love Note

To rediscovering an old, familiar place

Do you ever wonder how we get so busy? Or how recreational time that was once filled to the brim with lovely activities seems to sometimes slip away, unaccounted for? Growing up, my family would always bike down to the river, grab an ice cream and soak up this city's natural beauty. I loved it. but as a kid, sometimes you don't realize how much you should love something until you've lived a little longer.

and then you live a little while longer. and you realize

A few weeks ago, I started revisiting this old place. Sometimes with Ryan and sometimes with other friends and family. and now I realize. it smells fragrant, and reminds me of my youth. of child like innocence and eagerness. of playing until you're plum tuckered out. of climbing trees and flexing that thing we all have tucked away in our minds somewhere. what's that called again? 

imagination. that's it. my imagination. this place rekindles the smoldering fire I seem to always have going on up there. 

out here, I think clearer. I'm more settled and more calm. I realize that everything doesn't have to move so fast. I can choose to slow it right down if I want. Just by breathing, seeing, and walking. 

So, thanks old river and windy paths. Fragrant summer trees, green grass and expansive, moody skies. You've rekindled a sweet and precious thing in my life once again. An old, familiar place. 
And I'm happy for it. 


  1. Your words paint a beautiful picture my friend. Almost more beautiful than the pictures that you took. Almost.

    1. Thanks friend! Loved seeing you yesterday :)




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