Jun 9, 2012

Well lookey here

A certain Goodwill vase is finally serving its purpose in this world! From the second I laid eyes on this lil vase, I knew it was bound to hold biscotti for afternoon coffee cravings. I just. knew it.

I have since filled said vase with biscotti. And, as I suspected, all is right with the world.

The end.

P.S.  this biscotti recipe can be found here...

P.P.S. For biscotti to turn out as biscotti vs cookies, here are a couple things I've read and learned. Bake batter in a long, flat log. After allotted cooking time, and time for cooling, remove log from tray and lay on a cutting board. Cut biscotti to desired thickness (see below). Then, stand biscotti up on baking tray and bake for the time remaining. By standing biscotti up, both sides will get evenly crisp in half the time. Happy baking!


  1. Carli, I love the vase! I need to get something like it, looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Jill! I tell ya, Goodwill and I are fast becoming dear friends :)




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