Jun 11, 2012

Quick Fix

It seems like little trays like this abound at Goodwill stores. Cheap little metal trays with cute details but less than desirable finishes. Probably old trays that once served cucumber and egg salad sandwhiches at a 50th anniversary soiree, in a small town community hall, long, long ago. 

I imagine. 

But I digress. Back to the trays in general. 

If they were actually silver, I'd buff them up and display them as is. But instead, they're just beat up, cheap metal, often dirty and stained. I had been reluctant to purchase any of them, because in the store, they're just so undesirable. However, at $1.99, this little one was just cheap enough to entice me to take the plunge. 

Turns out, all the little tray needed was a few coats of ORB spray paint, and voila! An adorable little candle tray, brought back to life through the magic of paint. And now, I can see that this tray always had super cute details that were simply too subtle, hidden by it's former finish. Like check out those sweet little embossed handles, or the quanit little dotted border. All hiding in plain sight. Much better now, I think.

And that's what I call a Goodwill quick fix.


  1. Hi Carli, Good blog...I like your style. :)

    1. Thanks so much Lynn! So happy you stopped by. I've been following your blog as well :) Grandma told me about it. So amazing to see what you're doing in Mozambique. Hope you are doing well!




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