Jul 30, 2012

San Francisco - Part 2

After Alcatraz, we started our short walk to the Ferry Building, where we intended to catch oyster Happy Hour at the Hog Island Oyster Co that evening. En route, we stumbled upon a gorgeous little park. It was almost completely sheltered from the wind, lush with vegetation and bathed in sunlight. It was beautiful. After about a half hour of justing relaxing, and revelling in it, we decided to head over to the Ferry Building. The Ferry Building is a food lovers paradise: an elegant, wholesome and indulgently aesthetic indoor Farmer's Market of sorts, filled with vendors who collectively and individually have all been featured on Food Network many times over. The food choices were mouth-watering and the ambiance was wonderful. Such a great way to kick off my personal food tour of San Fran. Little did Ryan know, eating like a champ was my main goal while in San Francisco :) 

After walking the Ferry Building, we had dinner at the Hog Island Oyster Co. And it was good. Like soooo good. We're not huge oyster fans typically, but let's just say that Hog Island Oyster Co. straight-up changed our minds. We are now, officially oyster enthusiasts. Yay!

Sweet little park en route to the Ferry Building
Such a lovely little space inside a big city.
A beautiful creek that trickled through the quaint little park. 
Ryan in the park
The old 1950's rail cars that comprised San Francisco's historic F-Line. We totally rode one. And it was awesome. 
The Ferry Building. So beautiful.
Ferry Building inside.  A gorgeous facility. One of our favourite places in San Francisco.
Where we fell in love with oysters...
The gorgeous backdrop that was our view from the restaurant. Not a bad way to kick off dining in San Francisco.
And as you can tell from our semi-sedated facial expressions, we were in an oyster coma. Happily.


  1. Beautiful! I love visiting San Fransico, it's so fun! And I agree, quite cold! You guys look so happy in that last picture :)

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2012

    Ah I love San fran! Thats where we went on our honeymoon! Such a fun place!


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