Jul 30, 2012

San Francisco - Part 3

Our second day in San Francisco was another lovely day. We wandered Union Square, rode the historic San Francisco street cars, visited Fisherman's Warf, went on a food tasting tour of the Ferry Building and attended a Giants game (my first MLB game!). It was a wonderful day; a total vacation day. No schedule, no expectations, just good times.

Exploring Union Square. A gorgeous district in San Francisco where the shopping is abundant and beautifully situated in historic old buildings block after block. 
One of many beautiful buildings in downtown San Francisco.
Historic street cars on Powell Street.
The view out the back of our street car as we travelled towards Fisherman's Warf. 
The vintage street car lurching its way up one of San Francisco's many hilled streets.
At Fisherman's Warf, after an eventful street car ride. Those cars are old! And yet, still functioning...to our surprise :)
Boudin Bakery at Fisherman's Warf. 
Yes, I am that person who sometimes photographs their food. Love me or leave me. I am who I am. 
More food photography. Didn't want my cinnamon & sugar, sourdough french toast to feel left out. 
As we proceeded to explore Fisherman's Warf, which turned out to be the second most touristy thing we did in San Fran, we happened upon a few silly gift shops. And of course, we just had to go in. This picture is specifically for my lil sister Brooke. You see my brother Tyrone, in jest, recently told each of us what our spirit animals were. Yes, spirit animals. Don't ask. Totally deserves it's own post. Regardless, Brooke's is a bushbaby. And this little stuffed toy reminded me of a bushbaby. So Brooke, this bushbaby pic is for you. 
Later on, we found ourselves wandering through one of those classic memorabilia stores. And why yes, that is a Chewbacca backpack I'm sportin'. I saw it on the shelf and couldn't help myself. Pretty sure toting this backpack around that store was my best laugh of the day. 
Actually, now that I think about it, this scene right here made me laugh the hardest. That's right, I found a Storm Trooper backpack and got Ryan to wear it long enough to take a couple pics. But being the true Star Wars nerd he is (I'm right there with him btw), he seemed to enjoy the backpack as much as I suspected he would. For the record: Star Wars = Epic...Storm Trooper/Chewbacca Back Packs = Too Awesome To Even Quantify.
After Fisherman's Warf, we had a little downtime before the Giants game. so we people watched in Union Square and drank Blood Orange San Pellegrino. Delicious by the way.
En route to the Ferry Building where we sampled several tasting plates from a few different vendors. A little taste tour on the go before our peanuts & crackerjacks-a-palooza that was sure to follow. 
Pretty pier on the way. 
We arrived at the Giants game slightly before it started and of course, went on a picture snapping frenzy. It was my first MLB game and I was, for darn sure, gonna document it :)
O and don't think we didn't tote fleur de sel caramels from Miette to the game. Because we so did. 
The game went into the evening and was such a neat experience. The home team won in the bottom of the ninth. Classic.


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  1. Everything looks beyond lovely friend! Can't wait to catch up tonight!!


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