Aug 8, 2012

A Photo Shoot Saga

While I love me a good photo, I'll be honest when I say that Ryan and I don't always take the best photo on the first try. In fact, most of our favourite photos are usually the result of a bit of a saga. As in, 'if we're going to get ourselves a photo worth hanging on the wall, we're going to have to smile and pose, and shift and smile some more, and change it up and keep on smilin', and snap, snap snap those digi-photos until we feel like we've got one that will work.'

If you're like us, and you also go on pic snapping rampages to walk away with a winner, I virtually high five you. If you're not like us, and you're just flat-out photogenic, I also virtually high five you. for just being a winner. period. Either way, everyone's getting fives.

I'm an equal opportunity fiver. what can I say?

Back to the reason I'm writing this post. My mission in San Francisco was two-fold: eat everything delicious in sight, and document all the touristy goodness we encountered. And of course, while touring Alcatraz, we stumbled upon many beautiful photo ops. The scene below was no exception.

So you know we just had to try to get a pic with it as our backdrop.

Unfortunately, the wind and sun had other plans for us. plans like squinting and grimacing.

Quickly realizing taking a photo facing this direction wouldn't work, we switched things up and turned around.

Turns out the wind blows wherever it darn well pleases. So while we foiled the sun temporarily, the wind still won this round. mostly by giving me this epic Elvis hair swoop.

Although I gotta thank the wind on this one. Without it's violent, gale force winds that day, I might not have even made it into this picture.

Another example of the wind stealthily photo-bombing our attempt at photographing our Alcatraz one point Ryan was taking pictures of me walking towards that large building in the background. I wasn't aware that he was snapping photos, but the resulting pictures tell quite the windy story.

I guess after all this, a valuable and simple lesson is to be learned. To avoid missing the ferry back to San Francisco, and heaven forbid, postponing oyster happy hour even one second longer, sometimes you just gotta learn not to fight it, and go with the flow. 

You never know...the result might just be one of your most smile inducing, warm fuzzy feeling pics to ever grace your gallery wall. because it illustrates exactly how things were in that moment and exactly how you felt. 

windblown, squinty, disoriented. 

and happy. o so happy.


  1. You guys are far too cute! But I agree, the smile on Ryan's face in the last pic is just so genuine, not something that happens a whole lot, much less gets caught on camera. Nice one!

  2. I love this post! I can totally relate with the saga of achieving a wall worthy photo:)

    I love your sense of humility and willingness to post the pictures that illustrate the saga! You find now that people will not post anything less than perfect...

  3. i think those are the best captures, windblown and happy :)

  4. randomly stumbled upon your blog. cute pictures!

  5. great photos! looked like you had a great time!

  6. Don't ya just love San Francisco? I moved to the Bay Area about 6 months ago and I've only managed to hang out in the city maybe 3 times... I need to change that! Just happened upon your blog via kendieveryday...


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