Aug 12, 2012

Some things...

perhaps my most inconsequential post yet. brace yourself.

weird: catching my reflection in the mirror with straight hair. A far departure from my usual crazy head of curls. weirder: documenting it. justification: none, really.

everyday memphis cries outside the door to our garage. for like, a long time. and each day he meows, more convicted in his mission to infiltrate the garage than the day prior, even though everyday he is denied. for his own safety. but would ya look at those oh-so-sulky eyes? That's right, I've got a certified Sulky McSulkerton on my hands. for approximately 20 minutes each day, same time each morning. random, right?  

Every time the olympics roll around, I become infatuated. doesn't really matter whats on the tube, I'll watch it. until next thing you know the rhythmic gymnastics are on and I'm completely transfixed by the ribbon routines. Eventually and inevitably, I'm reduced to sobs as the young Russian athlete accepts her gold medal. it's at times like these I'm reminded that I am a woman, and yes, I suffer from hormonal mood swings and excessive weepiness rather regularly.

I'm thankful for things like Instagram. Without it, I would never stop and snap a pic of this nearly perfect cherry. Sure, it's no 'this is a life moment' picture. and yet, it kinda makes me smile. so why not, right?

Driving to the farmer's market this morning, I snapped this pic. something about this scene seemed so serene. 

heart smile.

in closing, I finally finished painting my little pedestal dining table. love it. 

A couple changes to note since little pedestal took up residence in our nook.

1. flowers are more abundant 'round these parts.
2. I've found more reasons to sit at a table than I ever thought possible. 
2. morning coffee's have reached a whole new level of delicious.


  1. the table turned out great! it looks like the perfect place to spend the morning :) (p.s. your hair looks gorgeous!)

    1. Thanks Carly! Going to do a full post on the table soon, but suffice it to say in the meantime, I'm super happy with it :)

  2. Great pics!!! I love farmers market. Your hair looks great. I have wavy hair and to straighten takes time and work which is mostly a pain on a everyday basis.

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  3. First time here... love all the pics and the casual post. Following you for sure!

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    Monica from Fashion Koketi

  4. seeing these pictures seriously make me wish i had an iphone... and instagram.
    they are are just too cool!


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